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  1. I don't have idea about this but I think am okay with this topic because am now able to understand some things about transferring pTC to btc and how secure and okay it will look like. This platform will always push you to know a lot base on what it has to offer.
  2. My best earning method is to meet up with my daily post because even if you react you won't be pay for it so I focus on my daily post so that I can earn something meaningful too from the forum though you can invest and trade but am not yet buoyant to that level now am just a beginner in the forum.
  3. Yes of course mate I strongly agree with you because am a student and ever since i join this forum I knew it that this forum has a l of to offer to the society because of the kind of useful information you can see on this forum besides its just like a group of people with one aim. So the flow is always okay.
  4. Am a student and am okay with with this forum so I will strongly support the motion that thus forum should be introduce to student based on the fact on what the forum have in stock to offer to the people who are ready to invest and trading in the future.
  5. You need to read and write carefully so that you won't miss out from what you need to write after taking your time to read a particular topic, your careful approach can control some errors to some extents.
  6. To me am new to site like this so from my own point of view crypto is the best and I love thus platform because I can earn money and at the same time I can gain knowledge about the new method of trading in the coming future.
  7. I don't think there is another way to get followers rather rather than to make a very meaningful reply or a very useful topic consistently with out relent in. And all this can be achieve by intensive study and personal research.
  8. Patient is a virtue that is why patient is very necessary to do with it in all areas of our life it helps us a lot because with patience we can't be easily control by our emotions, greed and other things that can hindered our progress in life. On forum like this patience is required.
  9. This is a very good told pic because even every step involve is well explain I already have an idea about this but o think with this almost every thing is been made clear on this topic. Once I want to say a big thank you for this wonderful tutorial.
  10. From the knowledge am able to acquire from this platform as a student I think I will pick experience over rank because even the experience alone can throw you high above the rank due to what you're able to acheive from what you got ideas about.
  11. The nature of asking before you dive in to trading or investing is a good skill or knowledge an individual needs to have at the back of his mind because it really help a lot because through that means of asking you can get to know which is which.
  12. Never be in rush to talk in crypto always take your time so that you can have something meaningful to post. The patient dog eat the fattest borne so always on platform like this don't rush even in terms of trading not only in terms of making post alone.
  13. The skills required on this forum are not some thing hard that you can do the only thing is to follow the rules of the forum by posting useful information without errors, read other post mist times just to improve yourself in terms of replying to another post in another section.
  14. I don't think if we fail to react to a post we will be paid in as much you never take it to be a personal thing you can react just to acknowledge our meaningful a post is either to you or to the platform. Understanding should always be involve in every thing we do.
  15. I don't get your point mate but the thing is I have seen it in several occasion where I noticed that the topic is locked but one thing I don't understand about that is why is the topic locked or with time will the topic be open again or is it as a result of bad network.
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