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  1. Hi friends, The posts will definitely have more interaction than commenting because more people read the topics than the number of people read the comments.The bank should seek the help of crypto to convert it into money. General Chat Chat LoungI think the way crypto is going to improve further in the future.
  2. If you are thinking that you will earn 1 bitcoin from cryptotalk then it is like a dream brother. Actually this forum can pay you 0.00030000 btc daily. It depends on many things : price of bitcoin, how much you earn per year and how much you keep from your monthly profit.
  3. Well it depends upon many factors. First you must choose the topic on which you are reliable to write a good amount of information.But give your opinion on your words. You respect everyone . And follow all the rules. To be observed. Thanks to all .
  4. Different people have different ambitions. And to get rich is the ambition of many people. I also want earn money but i wanna do some hard work honestly to earn money.I want to be a good person and help all people. I believe that if a person has the right diligence and patience, he will surely be able to reach his goal.
  5. The best and most valuable currency in the world today is BTC, LTC, ETH and so on. I was able to earn a total of $ 300 BTC online.This is a very important issue so Please help us. I read some comments but didn’t get the answer of this question
  6. In my point of view you follow the rules and regulation of this forum..create usefull topics with great and meaningfull knowledge for making good reputation in the crypto world.And your topic must be interesting and you have to present it attractively. You have to avoid mistakes.
  7. After linking your cryptotalk account on yobit, you can check the number of useful and paid post on yobit.It's a very helpful platfourm. Hope you can get it. Best of luck and keep posting. Thank you.In my opinion, the yobit platform is one of the most secure and trusted platforms.
  8. There are many sources online from which you can earn money. But many are fake. If you stick to them, time is wasted. No money can be earned۔we have to invest money in it first then we start earning. Crypto talk is the easiest way to earn. And it also increases knowledge
  9. I recommend you par excellence is a website that consists of a cryptocurrency tabulator. The websites you have mentioned seems legit and I will be sure to check them out.Thank you so much for sharing so much useful information with us.
  10. If you stop working on the Cryptotalk forum it won't make a profit۔Working here in cryptotalk will be very easy and fun at this particular period. Taking a break from cryptotalk is not an issue, it just a choice. So one can take a break if they wish to.
  11. Platforms have their own advantages and dusadvantages with in the crypto currency. So choose one which is accurate in handling and is secure ۔So if any one gets power then he starts to drive market for his own profit instead of thinking about others.
  12. A bull market is where all of the prices have a great rising movements at the same time. this is very good for all of us to make sure that we should know about the things that we don't know. i think that the bull run is just going to be happen in this year very soon.
  13. I think first of all most skill required here or on this platform for work an good English language and Grammer. Always here post topic in full English is only required of you to follow the rules and regulations of the forum. You also need to know a little bit of crypto currency.
  14. I have a lot of plans for the year firstly I intend to Make investment using the invest box in the yobit platform for future profits. I am new to this forum and I have already joined this forum a few days ago. I will do my best in this forum and try to earn cryptocurrencies and get information from this forum. We have to start from small work and move towards the future. Thanks
  15. I would like to watch these movies, if they can help me regarding crypto currency forum. You have done a great job by sharing these movies on this forum,. However, through the link provided by you, I can watch a movie about cryptocurrency. I think by watching crypto movies I can gain a better knowledge about cryptocurrency.
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