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  1. My dear, of course, you are not very entitled to it, and thank you also for this information. Yes, we do not have to share our personal information for any site or anyone Because this matter may facilitate the penetration of your information on this
  2. Dear friend, I think yes, if the amount is large, they may need to check my phone, and this is normal But my dear, if the small amount, for example, 100 dollars or 200 dollars, does not require a telephone investigation
  3. My friend thinks we have the skill written in this forum, and it is the only skill in principle to be skilled in the English language.Because there are many in this forum they do not have the English language, for example, and they write some topics and there are many mistakes That is why the most important thing is that you are interested in the English language
  4. I learned a lot from this forum, the most popular of which are cryptocurrencies and trading on them, and I advise everyone to read a lot of information about cryptocurrencies in order to be able to trade in them and increase their profits as well
  5. Yes, dear, you are very right, because his work in the formation is increasing daily and also decreasing daily But my dear, in the last period, he began to decrease in bitcoin to 30 thousand dollars per bitcoin, and this thing increases our loss
  6. Yes, dear, you are our right. We must have a lot of 100 and know about cryptocurrencies. I have a friend who has been working in this forum since 2015 and last year the company took him to work with it because he has experience about currencies pain Coded and how to trade
  7. Dear, I do not think that this forum will give more money and four for useful publications that have not been published before The forum pays us money for our daily posts and useful comments
  8. My dear, there are many people, patience is a little, and I am also among them, but my dear, we need patience in many matters in our work and our successes Because patience always comes, success, diligence Everyone must be patient in their actions in order to reach the summit
  9. Yes, dear Yes, you are very right. This topic will benefit a lot in this forum, and this forum will become the best and we must be striving for this so that the forum becomes our best forum
  10. My friend, there are a lot of ways to get your currency encrypted On the Yupit platform First, you can get encrypted currency through topics and comments, and also, dear, you can trade in currencies
  11. Dear to what I think this platform cannot be used like social media This platform is only business and currency trading is specialized in this thing I am social networking sites, you can call and you can send messages, talk and so on, but on this platform it is only work
  12. I think yes, my ambition in this life is to get money in order to complete my goals and I get a little money. This is something that I can no longer trade on this platform from buying and selling currencies, and after that, if I had luck, I will gain a lot.
  13. My dear, of course, I can be made with the world of thinking, but you must daily forget less than 25 topics And you must not be less than 100 characters each topic I hope that I have helped you in some way
  14. My dear, of course, before I start to profit from this platform, I searched for artifacts that cannot be penetrated, and that fraudsters cannot access it, and after that I started taking money from this platform
  15. Dear of course people, your topic is a positive thing, but my dear, we must correct our mistakes and not repeat them again It is nice to admit our mistakes Of course, this is something for our sake. We had mistakes to learn from our mistakes
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