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  1. Good observation many members in this platform are in posting lower reputation contain which is not vital in the forum ,let's motivate each other to see the platform is moving well.
  2. Yes off course we need to focus on our goals in other to achieve what we want in life which are knowledge and money but please let's follow all the rule and regulations and work hard wish every one success in life.
  3. Hello friend don't worry if you are only one ,it is matter of time noting good come easy in life just work hard to see the cryptotalk forum is moving in useful way to benefit all members so as to earn up gaining knowledge and money tanks.
  4. As my little experience and little knowledge this forum work to improved our inteligent in all activities, I suggested the forum to increase the daily reputation as well as reward to also increase because it may be called as full time job on digital world.
  5. Good question for all, as you are opportune to be in this platform it will eneble you to move ahead in yours lifestyle as you work hard you earn money and also acquire knowledge which will guide you in features.
  6. Hello every one am new in this platform I will like to ask question on how to gain more experience and knowledge on cryptocurrency at large to able to earn money and also be successful in life.
  7. The most easily way to discover good coins is by asking the leader board who has much experience and knowledge about trading. You can also discover through searching in google .
  8. I spend three hour in cryptotalk in other to make a useful reputation that will benefit all member in this platform and make me earn successfully in gaining money to invest and also trade in cryptocurrency.
  9. An important point of view friend to enclosed a Sharp impression you be supposed to hold a peaceful pay attention and a constructive theory about the platform.
  10. It feel really cool to finish the 100 post, then follow with 20 useful reputation then after one week I was awarded successfully with bitcoin in my yobit account which I withdraw and use it for many purpose .
  11. Yes you can comments and post topics in other sector that you are interested in learning from .but I advice you first to learn from the beginner sector then find out other sector .
  12. I don't think that the issue is related to the elderly only . I think that the matter is controversy to all member in this platform when we search for problems we read them and learn from them and then move away from the mistake that others make tanks.
  13. Yes I agree with you friend the encryption is sweeper the the world digital currencies, country ,central bank and companies are adopting cryptocurrency ,in my view cryptocurrency will replace paper currency.
  14. Hello friend to become a registered member in this platform you need follow all the rule and regulations abide by the platform and make 100 post successfully and making 20 post daily to earn money.
  15. As for storage at the present time,we have to follow the graphical analysis and know the market direction, we have to be patient for the currency to stabilize in the market and see the situation of the storage .
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