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  1. Well said my friend we should mostly focus on making positive constructive posts in such a way that members who come across them benefits and learn something to add to there knowledge about cryptowold as well as the forum because it is our primary assignment.
  2. Presently we can see that the new rating system has reduced the number of spammers in the forum because they cannot earn if they don't make useful valid post in the forum, this forum deserve our best but spammers are making it a place to earn and go, so it is better to ban anyone who make useless posts in every section of the forum so we can have a better environment for learning.
  3. Sure you can build your future in this forum, by working on this site you can change your life and your future, as you can gain new experiences and information about the field of cryptocurrencies quickly and effectively, and work in the fields and invest in them and achieve good profits later on.
  4. Being a newbie is not easy but hard working and focus on your work is my main advice. If you want to be a successful individual you should avoid any form of mistakes because there is less room for mistakes in this forum and moderators can hurt you if you are not careful enough.
  5. If at all you will take the break and don't work for some days you would not be paid for these days if you can afford that you don't get payment for that day then you can go for a break and nothing bad will happen to your account as long as you didn't violate any of the forums rules.
  6. Not yet i haven't used the tagging system in any of my posts I have send in this forum, i can see that the tags are to address one particular person if you are making any particular discussion not to use in each topic understand consideration. The tagging is good because it helps call attention of a member quickly.
  7. Knowledge is good in this aspect band before you start investing do make your own personal research first by asking some advice from expert but I suggest go for coins that is very popular because the more popular the coins is the more investors it attracts and it will make that coins price to increase it's value which will make you earn good profit.
  8. Well currently there are many cryptocurrencies in the world but not all of them are used for trading, the ones that are used for trading are the old ones that have good value in market and also the the important ones are used for trading such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and xrp, for that we should choose wisely.
  9. Well as you can all see i am also a beginner because I joined not long ago but i find cryptotalk useful in earning talkcoin as well as satoshi. I would recommend this to my friend because the forum is useful both in terms of earning and also learning crypto.
  10. Seriously speaking i did not get the question very right , but I joined with a very good intention to make me understand the world of cryptocurrency well, so my plan is to grow my self well and have more knowledge about crytoworld by visiting different sections of the forum.
  11. Not long ago i also received such mail message asking me if I want to double my coins and should click on the link to earn my reward. lucky for me i didn't want to attempt such where I will loss everything. So my friends be wise and vigilant because scammers are real.
  12. I not deep into cryptoworld but it has offered me a good chance of taking care of my self financially, as I am student I would love to have a secondary source of income and cryptotalk made it real, hoping down the future this field offers us more earning opportunities but we also need to work well.
  13. Being a newbie is not easy but i think these are very important points for the beginners, and the other thing that i think should be added on here, is that the beginners should focus on the knowledge that they are able to gain from this forum. There is much knowledge here than can actually prove to be quite helpful to the members and as such it should be exploited wherever possible to achieve success.
  14. This has to serve as a lesson from r everyone reading this topic and we all need to improve your posting here and find some useful information that you will share here, i hope you may understand what i am trying to say here.
  15. Well said, for safety we must protect our personal information and not share it with anyone, otherwise we will suffer a loss of our cryptocurrencies. Many of the beginners probably don't know what steps to take to protect their funds and scammers as well as hackers are real.
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