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  1. dude you should not only visit begginner section but you can also go for some other section like about Forum but after getting some experience so if you are a new member and you don't have some greater knowledge than begginner section is the best one.
  2. dude I don't really think that we need some special skill to work on cryptotalk, You must have good know how about cryptocurrencies or you can learn it by joining the forum and also you should good in English or writing English skill is important nothing else.
  3. Oh k dude thank you so much for your brief explanation that these points would really help the new members of The Forum to be successful that if they follow the rules of the Forum and learn and earn cryptocurrency.
  4. yes you are right that violation of rule and its punishment is equal to all the members irrespect to their ranks, if someone breaks the law and against policys of the forum then he would get warning points
  5. Dude it is the rule of the Forum that you can't make post more than 50 in a day and also you are paid for your 20 useful post daily and if your post got deleted then it would not counted on the yobit platform and you will not being paid for it.
  6. Yes dude nothing is very much important than learning. everything comes to you if you have proper knowledge and know the way of doing it.and so take knowledge and learning about things and then go for it to get good results
  7. Dude no doubt both are important things but if someone had a good experience in cryptocurrencies then definitely he will on good rank so experiences important more as rank automatically comes to you if you work with Loyality
  8. Dude there is no problem if you start working on crypto talk because of some busy routine and no issues for your account, it will remain working but try to invest some of your time in crypto. To be more successful
  9. Dude the patience is very much important to be successful because I have seen that cryptocurrencies are totally predictable and there's always a fluctuation in the prices of the coins so a person having patience will go through all such risky conditions.
  10. Dude there are some posts which are totally useless and people commenting on that topic but if Topic gets deleted them posts also with it and if person is not meeting the criteria of the forrum than the moderators deleted it.so you should try to focus on making quality posts.
  11. Yes dude cryptotalk is not just to get earnings it is the best way to learn a lot of new things about the digital world and digital currencies so we should try to focus on such a new and unique things.
  12. Dude if you check your profile by visiting my activity section then you can see that post which are negatively reputed given by someone will be mentioned with like - 1 or - 2 etc. So that both the negative and positive reputations are visible.
  13. yes dude the best advice for the new member is to follow the rules of the forum read the pinned post and avoid mistakes that against the forum , making useful post and support the forum will be considered you a good member.
  14. Yes dude there are a lot of scammers now adays so we should be safe from then and also newbie's are just asking question about payments without thinking about the knowledge
  15. Yes we should give reactions on every post that we like because it is totally unprofessional behavior if someone stops reacting because he won't get payments for that so we should give reputations to the deserved posts
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