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  1. Cryptocurrencies are spread widely and very large and have a place in the global economy, but I do not think that they will be inferred and I think that it is more possible to place a fixed value on them and officially recognize them in all countries
  2. you are right When I got here my goal was just to make money, but I found a lot of great information to learn and then I realized how wrong I was with my goal.
  3. This seems logical, but it is best for beginners to spend as long as possible in this section to gain the necessary experience to enter the rest of the sections and then gradually enter the rest
  4. No fixed period, but I spend a lot of time here, sometimes 4 hours a day, and when I have a study, only 1 hour a day The important thing is that I enter a forum every day and learn from it, and there must be continuity in order to get to a better level
  5. Dear friend, since you are here in this forum, you do not have to ask about the best Because this forum is definitely the best, everyone here will answer that You should ask what is the second best forum for learning
  6. I joined this forum wanting to earn money, but after seeing what it contains of information and wonderful things, I have a great desire to learn
  7. I have written more than 200 posts for me in this forum and in each one I learn a lot. I will work to get 2000 posts or more My advice to you is to stick to the rules and help other people with your information
  8. I do not think so because the cryptocurrency, regardless of its value and strength, is not fixed, firstly and secondly it is not a physical value like other currencies We all know that any currency that has a physical value of gold is in the bank
  9. This is true when we see some people making many mistakes in their posts, or if they are not useful, I think that there should be a strategy other than this because negative feedback kills the pursuit and ambition of beginners
  10. This always happens during the cleaning process I also deleted 30 posts for me that I thought were useful, but they were useful in the eyes of the officials, and they were deleted And I respect their decision
  11. OK On my first day here I did a lot of things I was ignorant of the laws and thought I broke it a little bit, as I was writing my posts with less than 100 characters and most of their content was just about welcome phrases😅😅
  12. The forum gives me a really cool feeling Since I entered here and I am entering here daily, sometimes I do not participate, but I read the posts and benefit from them I learned a lot from him, it's wonderful
  13. Thank you You're doing a great job reminding us of the basics To mention such things from time to time. We are not only here to make money, but to help each other and benefit from the experience of others.
  14. A good reputation cannot be easily achieved here Yes, there are many lazy members, but you should develop your skills more and learn how to attract the reader to your post and not get bored of it, no matter how big it is.
  15. Hello my friend For me there are no fixed profits Sometimes it is in the thousands, and sometimes it is non-existent The field of cryptocurrencies cannot be expected with anything and I think everyone is the same
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