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  1. Hello dear friend, I think that as you have seen in the forum rules you can post 20 useful posts per day and you can see the posts that you have accepted and are not accepted in the yobit platform in the table and you can see your payments too. good luck my friend.
  2. Hello dear friend, you are right. We must appreciate the moderators and moderators because they make the forum clean from scammers, steal posts, remove unhelpful posts, and ban those who break the rules. good luck my friend.
  3. Hello friend, I think getting more followers depends on how you post and on the content of the post you provide. You should have a great way to explain and post good and useful content in order to bring readers to your post. good luck my friend.
  4. Yes, my friend, as you can see here, you cannot do anything without the necessary knowledge and experience to enter the world of cryptocurrencies. You must know what you are dealing with before doing something about the forum. You must read the rules and advice of the forum in order to enter the world of cryptography while you are aware of all the errors. good luck my friend.
  5. Hello my friend, The first steps I took after entering this forum was to read the rules and tips and abide by them. After that, I became skilled in publishing and sometimes in the world of investment and trading. As for the security of my account, it is safe. I have a strong password and my wallet cannot be entered into the yobit platform. good luck my friend.
  6. Hello dear friend, I think that the percentage of payments made to members depends on the usefulness and quality of the post or its ratings and you, my friend, after seven days of completing the first 100 posts, you will take payments for the first day after the first 100 posts, and the amount of your payments depends on the usefulness of your posts. good luck my friend.
  7. Hello my friend, I agree with you as you say that the members are now ignoring the meaning of the word evaluation of the post because most of the payments that are submitted to you daily depend on the extent of your publications’s ratings, so my friend we have to provide an excellent post that motivates the reader to evaluate the post. good luck my friend.
  8. Yes, my friend, I agree with you about what you say. All beginners must check their profile daily and do not compare themselves to other accounts. If you see any big account or an expert, you should learn from it and take his advice to become of his level every day. good luck my friend.
  9. Hello my friend, Trading is very important in the world of cryptocurrencies and it is very important to earn money and also it is possible for some beginners to make from their experiences in the world of trading and investment an important experience that they learn from, so my friend I advise you to trade even if with a small head you can learn from your experience. good luck my friend.
  10. Hello dear friend, I think that some countries are banned due to the unacceptable behavior of beginners in this forum and for infringing or breaking a lot of rules and tips that include correct posting methods. good luck my friend.
  11. Hello my friend, how are you? You recently joined this forum and have hard-completed my first 100 posts and have made a great effort to avoid deleting posts and errors, but now I have knowledge about the coding world and I still need more, so my friend advises you to work hard daily and you will excel in a short time . good luck my friend.
  12. Yes, my friend, I agree with you. This rule should be focused on in this forum. It is important and if someone ignores it, this will lead to attendance for a few days, and with time it will be banned completely. good luck my friend.
  13. Yes, my friend, I agree with you with regard to what you say that self-esteem will strengthen a person's resolve, strengthen his focus and love him in the field of work, and he will be able to publish more useful publications and will perform better than before. good luck my friend.
  14. Hello my friend, there are different publications from each other useful publications and very useful publications you can evaluate the publications according to the value, sharpness and usefulness of the post. . good luck my friend.
  15. Yes, my friend, I agree with you, but junior members should gain more experience in publishing and topics, and when he moves to the encryption department, he will be skilled in publishing and he will gain more experience from the new information provided, but he must get to know cryptocurrencies more. good luck my friend.
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