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  1. Number of posts in crypto talk is all posted you do put in yopit it appears post is useful. So the difference between two numbers is deleted posts from managers and in yopit they paid only for useful comments with good repritation
  2. I think not number of topic is important but kind of topic and information and how it easy and exciting for another member so you can get more repritation but if difficult it not take alot. And it has not to be repeat because it has been deleted
  3. I think you can give reputation only for good post as support to work aging and make benefits post but we can give reputation to any post .
  4. Only useful comments has paid so if you get good representation so you get money that translates to your account on yopit after 7 days. So if you write 20 post and get 20 repritation than you get 20.000 satoshi.
  5. That depends on big capital and good skills of investment and good luck to achieve big profits with less risk. So good luck
  6. You can learn about analyze charts and candles to determine the best time for get deal .and learning about analyze history of currency before you start to buy it and learn about analyze market. All these you could make good deals with less risk
  7. Really sorry it's bad thing when get loser your money.i advice you to invest by exchange trade with determination low and high limit to cut deal so can control on your money and avoid big losses
  8. You have to read rules and understand it very well before you start to write comments and topics. You have to end 100 comment at first that not paid after you can make 20 useful comments every day to get money after 7 days. Good luck
  9. Until now it's about 1600 and gray up .the stonger and more famous bitcoin litecoin ethourim dog and else .and not all currencies we can to invest in it's mabye make losing
  10. Bitcoin was the best asset to unvested on covid 19 .biggers investors changed assets to bitcoin to make profit after closing investments factory trading so crypto currency was the best way for investment
  11. It not dependent on hard work but it related how to write how to create new ideas with strengths way that be your comment be attation for members to give repritation
  12. My friend it is not should but if you have good information and useful idea you can make a topic so you can make good topic and get many reparation and support
  13. My friend I think that cryptocurrencies is alternative currency on bitcoin and after increasing prices of bitcoin and then low .so investors want to purchase other currencies like LTC ethereum and else so it's price will rise so it is good investment now
  14. Yes my friend I agree with you that leaning and serch for new information and increasing your knowledge that make your purpose and dreams becomes true
  15. Yes my friend I agree with you that trade is not easy but when you study market and analysts history of currency before you start trade and investment and analysts charts and candles to determine the price of currency you will get it come easy and profitable
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