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  1. My favorite coin is powerful bitcoin for the simple reason that it was the first one, is the first in the rank of coinmarketcap, it has one of the highest values and it's the top one in it's grow during the last decade, even above commodities and stock shares, hurray!
  2. Learning about the information in your topic and making a really cool post, this is gained through practicing and experience, I guess but it's important to keep trying until making perfect topics that most people would like, I think it's also important not be too hard with yourself about perfectionism.
  3. I don't think so, there is interest from national governments to avoid this to happen, because governments like to control people in many different ways, and money is one of them. So I believe the power of cryptos would be very restricted by this.
  4. This is very true, warning points come from violation of rules, which can be committed by anyone that is not careful about the rules, no mater its rank in the forum. Thank you for kindly remind us all what behaviors could cause us trouble in the forum, it's always important to bear in mind.
  5. You should look carefully in my opinion, I have seen cases where senior members have aided newbies either with their topics or solving their questions. Maybe it also happens that not all senior members help newbies because they could be busy but I think this forum is meant for everyone to help and be helped.
  6. It's kind of ironic that some stuff about cryptos is not well established in developing or third world countries but still it's possible to see many of this countries hedging in cryptos against the severe financial crisis they live in every day. I think developing countries will be the more benefited ones with the development of cryptocurrencies.
  7. I agree with you, buying in the dips is the smartest way to accumulate Bitcoin, and as you said is what institutions do, in my opinion we should mimic institution's moves to get a better chance to make good profits with bitcoin, after all many people call the institution investments as smart money.
  8. By definition we all are registered members, unregistered members are those that are browsing the forum without having registered with an email address. If you are referring to forum ranks, there is plenty of information in this and the about forum section, you should have a look there, definitely.
  9. Terrible mistake, there is no way to recover those crypto, I hope this is a valuable lesson for you and others to always double check the address you are sending cryptos to. It's not the first time this happens and won't be the last for sure. Attention is needed when dealing with cryptocurrencies.
  10. Selection of good content is important to make it in this world of cryptos, there is lot of misleading information and rumors that can make us lose money in cryptos. I agree that te reputation of a member of the forum or a youtuber can make a difference when trusting the information they share.
  11. I like to read these old analyses because they give me a good insight of what was going on back then when I hadn't joined the crypto market. I am not an expert in technical analysis, but have heard from the youtubers I follow that the price might be starting to show weakness signs.
  12. Ripple is not a stable coin, who told you so? I think you meant centralized, and yes that is the reason I do not consider this crypto for investing. Ripple is completely in sharp contrast withe the principles of decentralization put forward by Bitcoin and adopted by other cryptos.
  13. Paxful is ok but when it comes to P2P the best platform to my knowledge is Binance, I have friends that have told me merchants in Paxful and Localbitcoins generally ask for unreasonable prices, which is rarely the case in Binance.
  14. No difficulties at all, buddy, but I do sometimes have some trouble to understand the topics, either because they use advanced terms or because the writing is not very readable, but nothing else beyond this. My experience in the forum has been really positive, instead.
  15. Good numbers but I don't believe that hypothesis, in my opinion stronger evidence is needed to assume Satoshi Nakamoto is alive, after all it's not even known whether it is one or many persons. I think the puzzle will never be solved.
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