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  1. There are several ways to make money through cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular: You can do manning, but here you need modern computers and strong graphics cards. You can trade and here you need to study and understand the fundamentals of trading and the market.
  2. Blockchain will revolutionize the world because of the innovative services and methods it has provided. All companies and establishments seek to enter this field. This will cause a huge increase in the salaries of the blockchain programmers and their workers, just like what happens to the programmers of artificial intelligence.
  3. The most important features of cryptocurrencies are confidentiality and protection of information and addresses. I think it is very difficult to determine the addresses of hackers' wallets or the possibility of pursuing them. They have strong measures to hide their traces. But I hope they are caught in any way.
  4. They are good suggestions, and I think that all members of this forum should help together and we report about the scam so that the forum remains clean and the best place to learn and gain knowledge.
  5. CryptoTalk forum is one of the most secure forums, and every time the administrators remove the scammer. Just stick to the forum rules, have fun and learn about cryptocurrencies and earn money.
  6. I am going to buy books to learn about blockchain programming. It is really an amazing technology and the demand in the global market for blockchain programmers with very attractive salaries is increasing.
  7. The Yobiy platform is one of the most ancient and powerful platforms in the world. Of course, it has a mobile application in the play Store that you can download and trade through it easily and safely.
  8. This is what has already started to happen in several countries. I have a friend in China who told me that he pays for everything he buys with cryptocurrencies. It is really a tremendous progress for humanity and technology.
  9. The very useful knowledge and information provided by this forum about the world of cryptocurrencies is much more important than money, but even on the financial side, the forum is the best place to make money, much better than any faucets site in the world.
  10. The main feature of the world of cryptocurrencies is confidentiality and privacy, so it is difficult to know and chase the scammer. Every person must be careful and rule his mind before making any decision or doing anything about money.
  11. If you study the history of Bitcoin, what it has achieved from a rise in the price within a short period of time (only 10 years), you will believe that the best thing is to buy Bitcoin no matter what time it is because it will always rise and achieve higher date prices.
  12. What I gain from knowledge and experience here has made me decide to invest all that I earn from Satoshi through this forum in alternative cryptocurrencies. I expect it to rise a lot this year.
  13. I face the same problem with my family members, especially the elderly. I try to explain to them what cryptocurrencies are, but they are not convinced because they do not have a physical presence. But I will explain to them in different ways and show them how much I earn until they are convinced.
  14. I tried to write a topic, but it has been deleted, but I will not lose hope. I will learn more, acquire new and useful information, and rewrite a useful and fresh topic.
  15. In the first thing I will get angry at myself a lot and leave the field of cryptocurrencies for some time to rest and then come back to it and I have learned an important lesson in being very careful and checking more than 5 times in these things.
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