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  1. Yes, This platform is best in the world because here we come for learning about cryptocurrency but this platform is paying us. If you ask my opinion and my opinion is this is the best forum.
  2. Hello, thank you very much for sharing this knowledge on how to withdraw money from yobit. This is the best method to withdraw money from cryptocurrency to your local currency.
  3. Hi dear, thanks for sharing this type of knowledge it will be very helpful to me and many others and also I will definitely follow this method and will create some good and valuable content in the future by learning from you and many other seniors. thanks
  4. Hi friend, yes you are saying right the positive reaction builds our good reputation and this is very important to survive in the crypto-currency platforms.
  5. Hi friend, yes you can transfer your money from wallet to your personal bank account there are many ways to transfer your money from wallet to bank account here is the one of them you have to create payeer account then you can transfer your money in your personal account make sure your personal account currency should have in dollars if you are transferring dollars. Thanks
  6. Hey dude, the both Android and ISO phones are good for withdrawal from yobit. You can use laptop or computer to get withdraw from yobit instead of Android and ISO phones. I hope you got your answer.
  7. Hi dude, yes you are right I am agree with your opinion the best option to newbie is to explore this forum and learn about cryptocurrency if they like if they don't like then dig in another type of community
  8. Hi friend, Yes you are right there are many people who are giving negative reaction to the quality content and they are also giving the positive reaction to low quality content. Maybe they are doing this because they have Less knowledge about cryptocurrency. we have to take some hard decisions about them to stop this kind of activity.
  9. Hey mate, you are saying right we have to text song step for spammers. Spammers are ruining this platform also we have to report against them. This platform is good for learning about cryptocurrency because cryptocurrency is the future.
  10. Hi friend, In this forum you will learn about cryptocurrency. You can earn from this forum by commenting on posts and creating topics. This is the best platform for making some extra money. This forum will be very beneficial for you in the future.
  11. Hi friend, On the off chance that you utilize all the capital words in the remark. Your remark may not submitted or any organization issue offer your remarks simple And related with point. You need to look through data about the remarks in the senior posts dont duplicate from Other like google or any sites offer your own remarks in. Your words it will be submitted int he discussion posts.
  12. Hi, Maybe making or running a site about crypto and refreshing it day by day may assist us with figuring out how to benefit. In spite of the fact that we as of now have huge numbers of them and it might should be an interesting plan to make it work.
  13. Hi, Making valuable posts and points will give you a decent standing and you have the choice to put resources into the market at the present time or begin exchanging with the cost and you need to work more earnestly to bring in cash for posting which everybody has done here.
  14. Hi, truly I do see myself as fortunate , I generally heard wrong things and data about bitcoin and other digital currencies from the net however never realized that every one of that was phony and I wanted to evade it yet in the wake of joining the discussion and took in a ton about crypto and how it functions and make benefits from it , I was upbeat even idea I was late , about the second inquiry no I don't think so , I like crypto yet can't simply zero in on it.
  15. Hi Dude, I have perused a great deal about the task of this cash and I figure it will increment in cost later on, however for me, I don't have great capital to keep enormous amounts of it, I encourage you to keep it since it will arrive at great value levels.
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