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  1. For me, I do not have any job or job to provide for my daily needs, so I joined this forum because I need to earn money and save some of my daily expenses, through this wonderful forum I was able to gain money, in addition to that I gained a lot of knowledge about digital currencies.
  2. After completing 100 free posts, you will get paid after 7 days, you must write at least 20 posts per day, you will be paid for every useful and informative post and get a positive evaluation, you must work hard and actively in order to get paid.
  3. Trading is the buying and selling of digital currencies, where the trader buys the digital currency and stores it, and waits until the price rises and sells it, so we must monitor the prices of digital currencies before starting to buy and sell, by trading in digital currencies I can gain more money.
  4. You can create 50 posts per day, but you will only be paid for every 20 useful posts, so you should write 20 useful posts full of useful information in order to get paid for every useful post.
  5. Of course, there are many people who benefit from the bitcoin currency, which led to its widespread spread in all countries of the world, so many investors began to invest in this currency and make great profits. I believe that Bitcoin will have a very high price in the coming years, due to the great demand for it by users all over the world.
  6. Yes, trading digital currencies is safe and risky at the same time, if you want to trade in digital currencies, you must do your best to learn to trade digital currencies, and you should also conduct a search for the digital currencies that you want to trade, if you want to make good profits, you must learn how Trade and gain more knowledge.
  7. Me personally . I have not invested yet, because I am still new and have not received payment yet, but I heard that the investment fund is very profitable, so if you want to profit, you must benefit from the experiences of others, and you must also learn the basics of investment.
  8. In the beginning, you must read the forum rules and adhere to them. Your posts should be useful and valuable. Avoid misspellings, copying, pasting and repeating topics. You must work hard and actively to obtain knowledge and earn.
  9. If your posts are not useful and do not contain valuable information, you will gain a negative reputation. You must avoid negative reputation, and work hard to obtain a positive reputation. You can gain a positive reputation by publishing useful topics rich in information.
  10. Congratulations, you have completed the first step, which is to share 100 free comments, now you have to start working to get paid, you will get paid after 7 days, you must write 20 useful comments every day to get a positive reputation, you will be paid for every post that gets On a positive evaluation, work hard and vigor to get a good profit.
  11. It is a very wonderful forum, you should read the forum rules and adhere to them, you should also write useful topics or comments and publish them, avoid copying and pasting from other members ’posts, and you must respect other members. You must work hard to continue in this forum.
  12. Personally, I do not have enough experience in trading, but what I know is that you can reach your goal through pursuit and hard work, so if you want to become rich you must be patient and learn about how to trade and how you can make profits through trading in digital currencies, so learn More to earn more.
  13. Patience is the key to success, of course patience is a great quality, so whatever work we do we must be patient to achieve success and reach our goal, we will not be able to achieve success and reach our goals without hard work and patience.
  14. Yes, you can work on a WiFi network, but there should not be another person using the same WiFi network, because this violates the rules of the forum, and it may be a reason to ban your account.
  15. Setting the profile picture on our account is a good thing, but this is not a condition for evaluating the topic, I think that subjects are given evaluations due to the content of this topic, if the topic contains wrong and unhelpful information and bad words, it must be given a negative evaluation.
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