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  1. Randomly bat reputation sending isn't a good activity at all.Because it will make useless reputation.That canbe warnable from an admin.
  2. Obviously your account will get banned because of using multiple accounts in a same IP address.So don't use together the same network.
  3. Beginners should check crypto news and forum sites to be experienced about crypto currency and to be prepared for making investment.
  4. Keep holds is necessary to recover price or if you cut loss then you have to face decrease of your funds very soon.
  5. As a social being we must work for the betterment of our society.And for this we need to work ourselves and do something.
  6. Autopilot trading is an automated system for the traders to make trade without being active in crypto market.
  7. Skrill and Nettelar arenot supported in Binance but they're supported in many exchanges which are very trustful and popular.You can find them in coinmarketcap.
  8. It's really a great launching decision from Google to launch new unified messaging app for business.It will be very popular to people.
  9. You should take a loan if you are much experienced for holding at halving.Because a newbie can't invest in risk.
  10. We must say hello to bull run to make a huge profits that time.Because bull run is the most profitable timeframe for crypto Investors.
  11. Coinbase is the most used and safest application as a crypto wallet. That's why it's got a huge popularity in wallet industry.
  12. I'm interested to buy your udemy account by paying in BTC. Because for me udemy account is very special and useful.
  13. Neblio mobile is a very new crypto wallet that is looking very promising as a good wallet.I think this one will be very popular very soon.
  14. CryptoYab exchange is the best Iranian exchange for trading crypto currency.There are also many exchanges which can be found in coinmarketcap.
  15. My top three coins under 500 million market cap is Nrg coin and Nebl and the Awc coin.They all are pumping in market.
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