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  1. We use VPN so that we can hide our IP addresses. Lot of member do that because crypto currencies are banned in many countries. But it doesn't mean you only have to use flash VPN to open it you can use other VPN too. I personally prefer super VPN.
  2. Imagination is a power, not everyone can imagine something at their own because they have to know something before they image it. But if you can imagine something without knowing about it then it's mean there is something special about you. So I also think imagination is more powerful than knowledge.
  3. Yes you would like my friend we should invest in ourselves. Knowledge is the only way to upgrade one self. So all I try to learn new thing. And in this forum there are really new things about crypto so try to learn as much as you can so that you can use those knowledge for future.
  4. Hello friend I think you are right we are all here for the same goal. This is a platform where we can learn and earn at the same time.So we must all help each other and share our information and experiences with everyone so that everyone can do the same. So let's be friend and work together to achieve our goal.
  5. We all face this problem and as a new member we face it more. They are lots of post deleted by the moderator because the post is not meaningful enough for a topic. So thank you very much for sharing those information with us it will be really helpful.
  6. Yes we must be really thankful to the person who created Bitcoin because of his wonderful thing we are now really active in the online world. How popular is becoming now a days we can surely say that bitcoin going to be the most important currency of the world in the future.
  7. Thanks for sharing this advice with us my friend. As a new to this crypto I still didn't earn a lot but I won't give up because I am learning a lot about cryptocurrencies. If we are not making much that mean we don't have enough knowledge yet so we just have to be patient and work hard and success will be ours.
  8. Welcome to the crypto friend and no you can't use other language in this platform. There are two language is used in this platform One is English and another one is Russian. I also have English as my second language so I would be really happy to see other language also included in this platform.
  9. Sorry my friend to hear that But I still didn't face this kind of problem yet. The search bar on the crypto talk is always on the right side top so when I need to search anything I can use it. Your problem could have been occur because some kind of update of this crypto talk. But if you still face this problem I think you should use different browser.
  10. Yes my friend that's a really good question because cryptocurrency are banned in my country too. I think it's because some of the government policies. Crypto is free coin its prices always up and down so there is no way government can track those currency. So it's a problem if the government don't know that where are the currencies are coming. It's only my opinion so everyone should give their opinion too.
  11. Welcome to the crypto Friend. Yes I also face the same problem because lot of my post was deleted. I think we have to choose that topic that is really informative and related to the cryptocurrencies. Because if a topic is not related to this forum they might get deleted. So we just have to be careful before posting and to some research.
  12. Hello friend as you already know this is one of the best platform where we can learn and all at the same time. And I am really happy to be a part of this kind of thing. Crypto currency are becoming more and more popular day by day so this forum is providing us free information about crypto. There are lot of people here who share same goal and want to share their own thoughts and information. So I think the future of this forum is bright.
  13. Yes my friend you are right One should never make any topic without proper knowledge. I just recently joined crypto so I didn't make any kind of post yet because I feel like I don't have enough knowledge to do so but believe me I will do it in the future.So everyone should do the same before posting anything you must research and learn more.
  14. I am agreeing with you on this topic my friend because it depends on once self how much he can earn from the internet. There are a lot of sector to earn in the online world like marketing and also cryptocurrency trading. So if you spend a good amount of time in the internet then you will be able to earn a good amount of profit.
  15. Well it's not easy to do because lots of people don't know anything about Bitcoin. And if you want to tell someone thing about Bitcoin we have to know about cryptocurrencies it is difficult. But if we tell that bitcoin is one of the most popular online currency and the price of Bitcoin is very high then people will automatically want to know more about it. That is my idea at least.
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