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  1. Yeah I also asked a lot my friends and family members whose also join this forum and make a good cash. They also appreciate this forum and want to see more groom of this forum as this is a big helping forum for all needy people. Thanks cryptotalk.
  2. Hy dear friend I really like your post as I have also think just like you. And I observe this thing that cryptotalk becoming more active day by day. It's follower are increasing and I also attach with its. I think it's popularity reason is that it is good forum for learning and earning.
  3. Dear friend you topic content material is great and I like this. I personally say that practice can do more work with respect to theoretical work. As no one can understand theory but if you have experience and creat good topic then you make good reputation.
  4. I have no much experienced about this thing as I have never do this any time. But I heared one of my friend that if you use any public wifi and at that wifi any other Ip password is also working then your account will be banned. As this is the rule that only one ip can work on one account.
  5. Hy dear friend I hope your enjoying your work and feeling well. I also agree with you and think that this cryptotalk forum is really a great forum as it helps a lot of people who needs to work. And also a good forum for earning and learning.
  6. Dear yet I have not create a topic. Therefore I have no experience about topic but I think those post are much appreciated and gained views who are helpful and full of information. I think we all should try to make helping post that's prove helping for all.
  7. Thanks for giving us opportunity that we can shared our opinions with you. I think both are as important as life for breath. But if anyone gain education but have no knowledge. Then their education is fruitless until they have not any practical knowledge. Therefore knowledge is more important for any person.
  8. Dear mate I tottly agree with your post. As new comers want to success as soon as possible and when they see successful member this heart their feelings. I want to say them if you want to success just like them then you should work hard regularly and pay more heed to your work.
  9. This forum give you 2 warning points on the breaks of rules and regulation of this forum. On the 1st warning your account freeze for 7 day and after second warning you were banned and nothing able to get any payment.
  10. Thank you so much dear for sharing with us. I really like and appreciate your post as you are giving an idea to us. This proves really helpful for all. And I want to say these short reply topics are surely read by moderater. Therefore be careful for giving post. If you like my comment then give me your heart. Thanks.
  11. Your saying well these things helps us a lot. As we don't care such type of mistakes and later these mistakes cause a big distraction. And I think we all should get lesson from our mistakes and pay proper heed to them.
  12. Thanks dear for sharing Sach costly information. Your topic is amazing as you talk about earning or learning. I think both are most important but learning is much important for living and when we learn something we can earn any sites. Most important thing is learning.
  13. Hy dear friend I want to tell you about my own experience. First of all you should follow all the rules and regulation of this forum and 2nd make sure that your post content is round about 200 or more. And most important you should not copy paste of other post.
  14. Yeah dear your time is enough for making good post. I daily spend 2 or 3 hours to make my good post and I realize this thing that this time is enough. In this time you makes 20 good post and this time prove for you very beneficial.
  15. Hy I feel so relaxed and happy with its forum work. I think this forum give me enough information and also I got a good pyment from here work. I got many benefits such as ideas, information and knowledge. This is a great opportunity for all to realize their self.
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