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  1. SHIBA INU - это криптовалютный токен, созданный на блокчейне Ethereum, запущенный в августе 2020 года в качестве мем-монеты. Его логотип и название основаны на популярном меме с собакой породы Шиба-ину, который распространяется в Интернете. Токен SHIBA INU привлек внимание и популярность благодаря низкой цене и высокому потенциалу доходности, что привело к его включению в крупнейшие криптовалютные биржи. Однако важно отметить, что рынок криптовалют очень волатилен, и инвестирование в любую криптовалюту связано с значительными рисками. Цена SHIBA INU и других криптовалют может быть подвержена влиянию различных факторов, включая настроения рынка, уровни принятия, регуляторные изменения и другие внешние факторы.
  2. О, это совершенно новая информация. Спасибо, что сообщили об этом всем. Я также очень заинтересован во взаимодействии блокчейна с фиатными деньгами в России. Я также приглашу своих друзей продавать свои NFT на этом мероприятии.
  3. What do you guys think about bringing crypto as a subject in schools and colleges. So that youngsters will know more about cryptocurrency. Gradually more people will enter into the world of crypto.
  4. Hello everyone, Just want when will the payments start. Im checking here every week hoping that the payments are started. But unfortunately they are not. AnywaysI just want to say that it was a nice experience working here earlier when we have payments, Because so much people were active and many informations were shared here in english forum. But now it has decreased. I hope that the payments starts as early as possible.
  5. Да, есть так много возможностей потерять все за одну секунду. Одна из ситуаций была, когда я играл в кости на веб-сайте, используя свои монеты, и я потерял все свои монеты в мгновение ока. Это так затягивает.
  6. Beginner section are for beginners to understand about this site and also about crypto currencies. After learning from beginner section, explore all other topics in this forum. So that you can learn more.
  7. You can use two browser to login to cryptotalk account. The main restriction is that you must not create two accounts. If you do that your account will be banned forever.
  8. Yeah, Everyone in this forum has gone through the feeling that you have gone through. I still remember the first day of my payment, It was really a great day for me. Earlier my belief was like, Nah Im not gonna earn from here until I got the first payment.
  9. Many users are saying that their problem about send button is solved. Anyways my problem is not solved. Mayve it is because of my WP and my uid is removed from my yobit account. Is there any chance that I will recieve my older earnings?
  10. Yes brother atleast they should give us an explanation or notice regarding this problem. But the admins and moderators are silent on this matter. Hope it will be fixed soon
  11. Yes my friend so many people are facing the same problem that you are facing. Do not loose hope everything will come back to normal. Let us hope the admins will solve this issue fastly.
  12. In my opinion, all members should continue working in this forum. Because every problems are going to be solved. Senior members have said that this problem hapoens some time and all will be back to normal after some days.
  13. Yes brother, I am with you. Let us post more about this issue. I hope moderators will solve this issue soon. I think It has been more than 20 days that the send to btc balance button not working. And most of the members are getting a bad feeling about this. Hope it will solve soon.
  14. Members who doesnt spend more time in this forum can only learn less amount. Invest more of your time in cryptotalk, so that you can earn and learn more. Do not waste your time.
  15. The main and exciting feature of cryptotalk is that we can earn and learn from this forum simultaneously. We must learn about crypto currencies from this forum.
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