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  1. As the saying normally goes nobody is perfect and nobody knows it all we are all learners and would continue to be learners till the day we leave this earth, to err is human nobody is above it
  2. I don’t think crypto currency is a bubble because it is volatile in nature and also it is decentralised meaning nobody has control or power over it this characteristic of crypto currency would let you understand that it is not a bubble
  3. Crypto and gold are the two biggest thing to invest in because they are very profitable and they are making waves and getting a lot of peoples attention even thou gold has been in existence before crypto but then crypto currency is catching up with gold fame and popularity
  4. I started buying bitcoin last year when my friend introduced me to it and since then I have been grateful to him because it is a profitable thing to do, if you get it right you will make good money from and vice versa. At first I never believed in digital money but now I know better
  5. From my little knowledge I think the secret of crypto currency is patience and wisdom, you have to know when to invest and when opt out , you also have to make research on any coin you are investing on so as to no be at a loss at the end and lastly you should not be greedy
  6. People should always be aware that crypto currency is a very volatile business you can make profit and also make a huge loss at any time, so you have to calculate your risk and be sure you can afford the risk especially trading altcoin you have to make research because some of them are not profitable
  7. This two commodities are the most profitable presently on the internet because of the way they are fast rising and widely used and accepted, buying gold is a good investment because it has always appreciated over the past years
  8. My plans for the free satoshi is to hodl them and become profitable in future because with the way crypto currency is pumping over the previous week, it means it has a bright future so I will rather hodl it and be profitable with it and later invest it
  9. In my opinion it cannot work because you need both currency for trading and investment fiat currency is very important especially USD because it is the most used currency in the world
  10. With the growing amount of members in the forum daily I think it will be a wise thing to do to always upgrade the server or change it to a bigger one so as to avoid errors and serve the forum members well
  11. Crypto currency Ina layman language is money you cannot see nor touch, and can also be used for transactions over the internet, it is a decentralised currency used all over the world that no one has control over it
  12. It is not always advisable to use public WiFi because you are exposing your device to possible hackers , it will make it easy for hackers to hack your device and steal valuable information from your device so don’t join networks you don’t trust
  13. Crypto currency is very volatile in nature and also a risky business to do because it pumps and dumps unannounced. It is a decentralised system so nobody has power over it therefore nobody can control its price. The best time to buy it is when it is dumping, which means you get it at a cheaper price
  14. Bitcoin is arguably the best coin presently because it has been in existence longer than any other coin and also have been pumping over the weeks which is a good thing for people that invested in it, it is been accepted as means of payment by some big and reputable companies for good and services
  15. Crypto currency has a promising future especially Bitcoin and etherium because of the way they are widely known in the world and more so some reputable companies are now accepting it as a means of payment for services rendered and sometimes good being bought
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