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  1. Yes, my friend, I believe that everyone in the forum wants to have a distinguished topic that he publishes, but it must be useful and understood by everyone in the forum, whether he is a beginner or of a high level, so he must carefully publish his topic and not rush.
  2. I think, my friend, that investing in the new currency will be the best solution in order to have a distinct profit in the end, and you must invest accurately and with the lowest costs in order not to lose.
  3. Yes, my friend, we can earn money and gain knowledge through this wonderful forum that provides us with complete and comprehensive knowledge about cryptocurrencies and the safest wallets, and we can earn money through some of the rules that exist in this forum such as commenting and posting so this is the best forum.
  4. I think, my friend, I did not see any better than this forum because it is excellent and pays better than all sites and it is useful in comprehensive knowledge about cryptocurrencies so it is the best site for me.
  5. I think, my friend, that the Blockchain wallet is one of the safest wallets and I rely on it to save my cryptocurrencies and I advise everyone to use it because it is a reliable and proven wallet and we need it in our work. Thank you.
  6. I think, my friend, that all the applications through which you can earn money are the most fraudulent and if there is an honest application it will give much less than you expected so I do not advise you about this and I advise you to stay in this forum and search for sites other than the applications.
  7. Thank you, my friend, for these tips that benefit every beginner. As a beginner, I have benefited from your advice through which I can implement my work with accuracy. Thank you.
  8. I think, my friend, UBI is one of the best exchanges, it has very good fees and is a strong, reliable and safe exchange, but it is popular, and when you withdraw the deposit its costs are high. Thank you.
  9. I think, my friend, that the best thing to do is to invest your money in Bitcoin and wait for its price to rise and sell it as soon as possible so that its price does not decrease, but do not be afraid because it increases and does not decrease.
  10. Yes, my friend, your words are correct because Telegram groups are the best way to get fraud done through the bots that are sent to you. These bots should not be believed because they are all fraud.
  11. Yes, I always talk to my comrades and family about this forum because it is excellent in all aspects, such as making money and comprehensive knowledge about cryptocurrencies, and I advise everyone to use it because it is the best forum.
  12. I think that the UBI is one of the best exchanges and it has very good fees and is characterized by being a strong, reliable and secure exchange, but it has something not likable, and when withdrawing the deposit its costs are high. Thank you.
  13. In my opinion, my friend, mining is profitable because it is still in the market who can work in this field very strongly, but needs sufficient experience in mining properly, so in my opinion it is profitable. Thank you my friend
  14. I think, my friend, that short-term and long-term exchange are dangerous, but short-term is more dangerous at times because fluctuations are rapid and you cannot change the way of investing, so I recommend a long-term exchange. Thank you.
  15. In my opinion, my friend, I think that Al Pinasa is one of the best exchanges that are widely traded, and this is an opinion, frankly, and I do not impose an opinion on anyone because all of us have an opinion. Thank you my friends
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