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  1. By publishing topics related to cryptocurrencies and how to trade and invest, it is information that interests everyone here and helps them to learn quickly and also avoid copying other people's comments or posts.
  2. Buying and selling are complementary to each other and you can't just trade by selling or buying just because in order to win you have to buy an cryptocurrency and then sell it when its price rises. That's the idea of trading and investing.
  3. I think it's 20 ratings a day at a rating rate per post or comment but you can put more ratings and also try not to overdo it so that your account is not checked because it is important to evaluate only good and useful content
  4. At first you have to write 100 posts or comments but it is better to have useful content but this is not necessary at first and also try not to copy the comments of other members so that your account is not stopped suddenly
  5. I advise you not to use more than ip for the same account because the site will block and stop your account and also do not use more than one account of the device self so read the laws of the site well before working here
  6. This means that the post or comment you liked but only a little so a number is specified when you put an admiration so that the owner of the post knows that the content of its topic is useful and important to other members
  7. You have to have several qualities to become a successful person, which is patience, will and good planning, and you also need serious work because talking without work will not do anything, but learning, working and getting experience.
  8. There's a lot of things to learn here from them. Learn the field of cryptocurrencies and also improve your English and solve your natural life problems by searching for a solution here from other members
  9. Yes, my friend, you should follow the rules of the site in order to avoid blocking or suspending your account from work and also do not make random assessments but read the topic well and then evaluate it positively or negatively
  10. Helping each other is the foundation of this site so that we can learn to trade or invest faster because without help will not solve our problems easily and we will be wasted to find a solution on our own. Good luck.
  11. The crypto world was not as widespread in the past as it is now where there were a few platforms and investors in the world where interest in gold, oil and forex only, but now the world of cryptocurrencies is widespread
  12. To date, I haven't tried to write posts. Just reply by writing comments and replying to others and solving their problems but I have to write also because it is important for this site to increase the interaction and activity of members
  13. Hello, my friend, talk to me when you want support, I am ready to help you with everything you need here in this community because we have to be one hand and help each other learn this area of cryptocurrencies and also to solve the problems of members whether by comments or real life
  14. In general when you find a lot of comments or positive reviews it shows that the topic is important and has good content so it gets all this interaction and it is called a useful article so try to write posts with important content
  15. Yes that's right. It happens a lot The situation of the lake and the positive evaluation without looking at the content of the topic is good or bad and this topic is very important and must be solved by the site and the platform
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