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  1. Yes, my friends, this is a platform where we get a lot of useful information and newcomers here very much getting knowledge from here as well.
  2. Yes, I want to friends that who are newcomers , they should share the experience as much as possible on this platform because if they share the experience then there will be some lesson for the upcoming new members .
  3. Yes, my friends, if I talk here about what I have learned on this platform, then there is no limit to my learning. Many members are well educated here and the knowledge and information of everyone has benefited the way I have.
  4. Yes, my friends I would like to say that Crypto is a platform from which we can take only two steps in our daily earnings .But we also can not go, will we become very rich with its earning but can face our poverty to a great extent .
  5. If you want to be able to access this platform properly, then you should post all the rules by following its rules and all the post is filled with knowledge and information as possible, it can make your post successful.
  6. Yes, my friends, I do not know the method of payment solution, but still the method should be as easy as I think. Because this can save us from a lot of problems. If it is with the issue of payment then we have to face a lot of problems.
  7. Yes, my friends, I am among those who like to do hard work and I want that I will work harder as well, these successful people do .Yes, I hope and I can say this with a claim that I can also work hard and do it .In this way, I can make my post as much successful as possible .
  8. Yes my friends it is absolutely true that we do two things at a time .As this platform gives us opportunity of learning and at the same time it give us another opertunity of earning .
  9. If we want our reach to be successful, then we can do our post with our hard work And we get a very big guideline here, if we do that after reading that side line and following our post will surely be successful.
  10. Yes, I want to tell my friends that I work only 2 hours for crypto and 2 hours are very important for me because I learn a lot in this i would like to tell that these two hours more important then.22 hours of the day.
  11. Yes, my friends, it is not possible that any member who is a banned can comment about it because if there are new members, then they starts from the post and we can not know about them.
  12. Yes my friends it is not easy to divide the time. If we want to run our time according to our own, then we should make a time table and run accordingly and if our time table is accurate for our mind and free time then we will be able to move on for future as well.
  13. Yes, my friends, patients is a very difficult task and we can not tell about how it can be taken from here, I have to work hard for myself. And slowly we create a sense of great patients in us .
  14. Yes, my friends, all the members here are cooperative with family members and work closely with each other, so here is a lot of new comers and that is also similar to our family.
  15. Yes, my friends, Canada has the finally admitted btc.Due to the countries are earning from BTC, similarly the Canadian has also accepted this thing too..
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