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  1. Yes i heard about this sites and exchange, it required your KYC. So after that ypu see ads adn so other. After complete your target you will get you money. So i don't think ot would possible, so don't waste your time in base less activities. So spend your time on this forum and earn from this forum because learning is great earning .
  2. Yes, because yobit is giving best to its user's. So if we check the feature of yobit then it make more suitable for cryptocurrency. So we can trade on this forum by cryptocurrency and can invest into investbox. We can convert cryptocurrency into other cryptocurrency currency. So it good to say yobit is good exchanger and wallet for cryptocurrency.
  3. According to me ,which I'm using yobit. Yobut is safe and secure. So with 2fa apply it make more strong. But it full of feature such as trading and investbox. So an other thing we can check coin price and can convert into other coin easily. So yobit is a good wallet and exchanger according to me.
  4. Yes it good ,you can hack any time when your privacy wouldn't be your. So it good to you if you ise number of wallet. Don't use the wallet password on any other sites. With this you can havk easily. But if you want to start trading and earning then you need to put some amount on wallet, but some instructions is so important make strong password and use such wallet which is more secure.
  5. Paypal have good value according to fiat money ,but if paypal is not supporting cryptocurrency then i think it specific for one thing. But people want to earn by cryptocurrency so then they move to other place to start trading. I think yobit users will increase by paypal decisions.
  6. Cryptocurrency is great market and people want to earn in cryptocurrency. So many scame are conducting in those days. So we need to care about this thing ,make right decisions and get information about any thing which you going to start. Otherwise you will find problems and can be scame. Cryptocurrency is usefull and earning source if you have knowledge about cryptocurrency and its coin.
  7. We are safe ,because crypto not demand to us give your KYC. So we are working here for earning and learning. So if we become greedy and open such link which we don't know about who send. So care about scame. You can scame by person ,otherwise we are safe and our data us safe.
  8. I don't think people don't like cryptocurrency. So many people which want to earn money in cryptocurrency. So cryptocurrency use ratio is increasing day by day. So people are moving from other to cryptocurrency. But i you seen some one have negative opinions about cryptocurrency, then he shouldn't about cryptocurrency. Then you will explain about cryptocurrency then he would like and want to use it .
  9. Cryptocurrency have value in third world countries, because with this they can mange thier earnings source and can increase thier profit. But if government take out some tex it good ,because with this thing help to sort out the matter of people of country and development would increase with the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. So i think it need to use in third world as tax rate.
  10. Yobit investbox is opportunity to earn money by investment. If you have some coin then you can pit into investbox, after some time you find profit with out any action . So use it and get benefits. Yobit is good exchanger but it have so many other features which is source of earning for users.
  11. Congratulations my friend. I think people like investment in cryptocurrency, because price flactuation is the only thing which matter to get profit. If it suitable then people don't make any investment. So we can start trading at that time ,so price are low and it would go to high then we can take advantage of rise in price. Cryptocurrency is profitable and we can use for trading and investment.
  12. If I'm going to investment then i would prefer bitcoin not any other. Some questions about it have more value so if we have enough money to invest,but i would prefer bitcoin. Because bitcoin in high price and when price go down you can invest and wait for rise in price then i would be big profit by your investment. Some patients in investment is required to increase in price.
  13. According to investment and trading bitcoin is best option ,so with price flactuation we can earn more profit then other coin. Because we can hold our coin at that time when price go high and can sale and earn profit. But if we select gold then make invest is not more profitable as compared to bitcoin. But both have different features whuch is beneficial for all us.
  14. Prediction about price is so difficult, we can't make proper predictions about price ,what will be in next secend, because it change with in secend. But we can expect that it would rise and low ,how much it so difficult. So if any know how to predict, he never face loss.
  15. Bitcoin is safe and secure, but it can be unsafe in some time in different conditions. So bitcoin is profitable and some time we can face loss. But strategies and knowledge can be make us more perfect. If we talk about price then it base in flactuation. So sometimes low and sometimes high. But overall bitcoin is safe and unsafe but with conditions.
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