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  1. Yes I agree with you mate knowledge is equals learning reason been that you have to understand the work you are doing before you can get paid for the work What I mean is that if you don't have knowledge about a particular work then you can't earn from it
  2. I think yes as much as you can see your positive reaction then you should also be able to see the negative ones you will just have to search for your posts and check the rating
  3. Welcome to the forum mate just make sure you ho through the forum rules and avoid violating them About skills there are no special skills the main thing is for you to be able to communicate to others and they will understand you is the major skill you need here
  4. You actually have a nice point and with that this forum will be more like a home for us but the truth I'd that not everyone loves to make friends and some people are just here to earn an are not interested In any other activity
  5. From this stat above it very obvious that the number of post is more than the numbers of topics which Is not really good at all but we as the forum members can change this if we put it upon our selves to create at least 2 topics per day
  6. After completing your 100 post then you begin 20 daily post and you can give 50rating which is equal 50 talk token So with less number of deleted post you should be able to earn about 200 talk token per day
  7. Patience is one of the virtue that every trader that wants to be successful must have with patience you don't need to jump into every offer that comes your way. When one Is patient you will be able to think well and strategizes business moves or how to invest wisely and you would suffer much less lose in trading
  8. It think it should be tradable maybe it just that it has not yet reached the time set for it for trading and hopefully it might have a nice price value but it only on yobit that I have seen this dice token
  9. Congrats on completing your 100 post to me that the hardest part of the work on this forum after that the rest are easy to carry out I would advice you to have enough capital I mean something tangible before you go into trading or investment you can actually get the money from working here
  10. You should know that nothing good comes easy crypto trading is very risky and if worse when you want to trade and you don't have knowledge about trading just know that your money is gone Before you go into trading make sure you have the required knowledge about trading
  11. Welcome to the forum first of all when will have to read the forum rules and I would advice you to go to the about section to know more about the forum And do not violate the laid down rules to avoid getting banned
  12. It won't be funny and easy at all I can't just imagine me getting banned from this forum it will really hurt me I don't know about others
  13. It is not advisable to post link outside the referral section if you do so that mean you want to risk your account and you may get banned from cryptotalk
  14. There is no problem with you going on break from the forum but you should know that when you are on break you won't be earning because you are not posting or creating topics
  15. As for me I can't decide if you should give positive or negative reaction to anyone but if the person is newbie you can just simply correct the error made by such person in the comment section
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