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  1. My best advice would be not to get banned in the first place. Make sure you follow the rules of the forum. I believe everyone should be given a second chance in everything we do. You can open a new cryptotalk account using different mail and password. Learn from your mistakes and improve on urself. Everybody deserves a second chance.
  2. You will definitely earn on Cryptotalk but not enough to pay your tuition fee if we are being honest. You could take working on Crypto talk as a part time job and look for other means to earn substantial amount of money to take care of your financial needs. You could actually earn more on the forum by putting more effort. Am also a student, so am actually speaking form experience. Cryptotalk has helped me alot in taking care of some of my financial needs but not all. I have to work other partime jobs to earn more. I am just glad I got to learn on the platform.
  3. There is no rule or a time limit for the completions of your first 100 posts. It totally depends on you and when you are able to complete your first 100 posts. You could take weeks if you like or even a month. You could also complete it within 2 to 3 days if you can. You could take a break from the forum if you busy. Cryptotalk is very user friendly and flexible.
  4. You can absolutely invest in cryptocurrency. Its very safe and secure and alot of profit can be achieved. Before investing, make sure you chose the right cryptocurrency to invest in. BTC is currently the best crypto asset but due to its expensive nature you could look for other alternatives. Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, USDC are good example of good cryptocurrency with greate potentials. Instead of spending money unwisely, why not just invest for the future. Cryptocurrency is the future.
  5. Giving up merely because of criticism or negetive feedback or reaction is not a good idea. Pick up yourself and learn from your mistakes. Critism should only make you stonger and stay motivated to work harder and create more useful content. Always challenge yourself to be better.
  6. The low engagement to posts and comments is because some members have been banned or removed from cryptotalk campaign on yobit while other refuse to give ratings beacase payment for reacting to posts have been disabled. Most members just scroll, read comments without even caring or checking if the post is deserving of likes/reputation. It's really sad because it's affecting the forum negetively.
  7. Our intentions has a way of controlling our actions and future. I totally agree with you but sometimes focusing on money could also make you get knowledge. The earnings on the platform serves as a means of motivation and would make some members work harder to create useful content and learn. I joined the forum to earn but look at me now, I have learnt and gained so much knowledge in the process.
  8. I would say an expert is that person or a member on the forum with alot of experience and knowledge about cryptocurrency and the Crypto space. An expert knows alot about the forum rules. Crypto expert are basically very knowledgeable and know how to read and predict the Crypto market.
  9. I absolutely love your contribution. Respect they say is earned. I believe we can all be successful in the forum by contributing positively and helping each other grow in knowledge and wealth as a crypto family.
  10. I absolutely love your post. You have highlighted important points towards achieving success on the forum. I remember getting 2 warning points because i created a similar topic without using the search option on the forum. Looking back, I wouldn't have had those warning points if I have learnt this useful information. Let's all contribute positively and make Crypto talk a better place.
  11. It's quite unfortunate that your account has been removed from cryptotalk campaign on yobit. This could happen due to numerous reasons which includes breaking the forum rules, spamming, copy and pasting or cheating. You could contact the forum administrators to lay your complains. Goodluck.
  12. Yobit platform is a relatively new platform. It's greate with alot of features and utilities and I believe it would only get better with time. Your earnings can also only be withdraw through yobit that's why it's important to link your cryptotalk account on yobit. You could decide to trade, invest or withdraw your earning on yobit.
  13. I think that's actually a good idea. Emojis has a way of making a sentence, posts or comments look more attractive. I haven't actually tried using Emojis before. I think I might just give it a try. Most importantly I believe the content of your posts should also be useful and attractive.
  14. Giving positive reputation to deserving posts and comments should not be a problem and I believe we should all endeavor to reward members with good, unique and useful content. It also serves as a means of motivation and encouragement.
  15. Thanks for sharing such useful tips. I believe patience is a virtue we all should have in other to be successful in life and cryptocurrency and the Crypto world is not an exception. Never be in a hurry to become rich because nothing good comes easy. Always be patient and take one step at a time.
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