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  1. Yes mate, your points are very good and also useful which can help the other members, most especially the newbies here. Let be conscious about our aim of being here and let us no truth somebody we don't know easily and send our coins or password to them.
  2. No mate, your account will not log out. You can finish your first free hundred post anytime, so I dont think there is a specific day for completing first free 100 post but just know that even though it has to take you a month before finishing up. You have to complete your first 100 post before you can proceed of performing your daily task.
  3. Actually, you are not the only person having this problem but all the members of this great forum are also facing the same problem with you and which I think I will be resolve shortly by the moderators or it might be that, this is how they want it to be working so just dont worry and keep posting a good and useful concents while they work on the issues.
  4. Nice question mate, as a newbie here you need to know that after getting more than 3 warning points due to not following the rules of this forum or so on, then you should be expecting to get ban any moment. So in order not to fall victim follow the rules of this forum and you will succeed.
  5. Yes mate, you are right. You must go for a research about the value of the currency that you want to invest in before starting and at the same time, you have to put it at the back of your mind that there is much risk in investing in case you come across it, you will know how to handle the situation. So invest carefully and you will succeed.
  6. Binance is 100% legit that I can recommend for you to start your trading and investment without any loss and you can also invest in the yobit site.
  7. Yes mate, you are right. The moderator are honesty performing their responsibilities and also working hard in order to see the forum well organized and clean. We should really believe and cooperate with them because they have good strategies and also do the right thing in the right time to make us satisfied.
  8. Well, I will consider it as a mistake and I will not quit because we learn from our mistake and I won't let that same mistake to repeat itself again. After all given up immediately after a mistake is never the way to the top or to success.
  9. Congratulations dear, so happy for you. Thou, there was many challenges on your way but you were able to concord it and succeeded just keep your hard working moving. My wish is to become a full member too one day.
  10. Aside from talk tokens in this forum, we also get to earn bitcoin for useful post and at the same time we get to acquire more knowledge about cryptocurrency, trading and investing and even get to improve our English and writings.
  11. No dear, I guess their is no any effect using public WiFi but only if you are the only one working in this forum at that particular time because it might lead to ban if you are more than one in this forum and using the same WiFi. I will just tell to be careful still
  12. Yes mate, you are right and I think that is because many members focus on replying under a topic than reading a comment that is why.
  13. Thanks for this wonderful and useful post. I have been wanting to ask this question then unfortunately I ran into your topic, for some days now I have been founding it difficult to delete my post but with this your guidance now I will be able to do so. Thanks once again.
  14. Welcome dear. The importance of this forum apart from earning is knowledge. We get to acquire more knowledge most especially about cryptocurrency, digital currency, trading, investing etc. It also improve our writings and spellings.
  15. You are absolutely right mate. All the newbies should always trying to visit the search box first before asking a question or creating a topic to know either the question or topic is already existing or not. Thanks.
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