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  1. It is a new and good idea, but a person must know even a little about cryptocurrencies and know their value and prices in order to appreciate this gift. Because learning it from the beginning will take a lot of your time.
  2. Now, Ethereum is rising again and has broken the $ 1400 barrier, but it is too early to talk about the $ 100,000 target. The currency still needs development and hard work in order to achieve 100,000 $ target .
  3. Bitcoin Cash has a good project, but it is closely linked to the original Bitcoin currency, it did not provide many new services , It needs to develop its project and introduce new things in order to remain the focus of investor interest.
  4. Because of what I learn here on this forum and what I have gained from important knowledge about cryptocurrencies and understanding their movements and price fluctuations. I analyzed the price of the Ethereum currency and bought it two months ago and its price is amazingly high, $ 1400 now, I will make good profits from it.
  5. An old cryptocurrency has more confidence from investors because they seemed to understand its movements and the factors that affect its and its price fluctuations. As for the new currencies, many of them are scam so we have to pay attention and know the project of each new currency before putting money in it.
  6. It is too early at this time to talk about global adoption because cryptocurrencies are still new and need time and a lot of work to develop their services and make them more reliable by the world.
  7. It is a very good and acceptable list, but I would like to add a cheap currency to this list , it is TRON : the services and technologies it contains are very new and developed. It is a very strong project and it has companies with great institutions and their future plans are promising.
  8. Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are still new and in adulthood. Stability is a very good thing to achieve, but it takes time, and in order to achieve price stability, we must trade it and use it in buying and paying transactions. The more cryptocurrencies are used in real purchases, the less time necessary for their price to stabilize.
  9. It has become known and expected among a large percentage of people that cryptocurrencies are the new future of the economy, so everyone should know about it and understand its mechanism of action and decentralization. The more a person learns at an early age (school and university stage), The more the better, Because all innovations in the coming days will be based on blockchain technology.
  10. Physical currencies (paper and metal) were one of the causes of the spread of the Coronavirus in the world, as it can carry the virus in a large proportion, and the steps interrupted by technological development make the world think about getting rid of the physical existence of currencies and not vice versa as you expect.
  11. If I have bought a currency for the long term, I see its price every 3 or 4 days. but the cryptocurrencies that I trade in the short term every day I study their movement and set the minimum and maximum to stop the deal, and the application automatically does that. .
  12. Supply and demand play an important role in determining the price of cryptocurrencies, and as you mentioned the increase in the price of the currency indicates its importance and the desire of investors in it. But there is a point we have to pay attention to cryptocurrencies and their technologies are found to provide high-quality and innovative services. I believe that services play a decisive role in determining the value of each currency in the long term.
  13. Perhaps its price in 2030 will be $ 1 and maybe $ 10 million. No one can answer and predict for more than a month or a year as a maximum ... The world is in constant change, markets, and economies, the existing data may disappear tomorrow and other data will come. We may witness new ideas and advanced inventions more than cryptocurrency technologies, and perhaps Bitcoin may really become the diamond of the future.
  14. This prediction is reasonable, but the doge currency has a promising future and a good project. Even Elon Musk once referred to it as his favorite cryptocurrency. Expect its price to rise a lot this year.
  15. CryptoTalk is the second-largest forum in the world of cryptocurrencies after BitcoinTalk. If the situation remains like this, I think it will become the first forum in the world in mid-2021.
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