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  1. Some trader websites apply strong password login such as 2fa. Higher amount BTC accounts have to be under special login procedures in order not to be hacked.
  2. I think same as you if your topic is more related to cryptocurrency, you can be sure your comments will not be deleted. Otherwise random topics will cause random and irrelevant comments. Eventually they will be erased because of irrevelance.
  3. The trading started by exchanging some object and today we are processing the cryptocurrrencies. Is there any guess what year are we totally going to use cryptomoneys instead of real money. When I dream myselt at the shopping, imagining that I am transferring my coins to buy bread, apple, milk etc. it seems really fun 🙂
  4. Cryptocurrenciess may reach suprise prices because it does not like real money. Talk token is also may increase or decrease. Noone knows it depends on demands.
  5. You have to complete 100 useful comments to start earning. 20 useful posts a day will give you 10 tokens and each 50 positive rating will give you 1 token. It is possible to earn 60 usd in a month.
  6. Doge coin is an another option for transaction. Its fee is really low and it is valid on lots of exchange sites. For the last option is raven coin. Its fee is lower but is not valid on many exchange sites.
  7. I am spending 30 minutes/day while i am on the way home back. I am using my valuable time for earning in my free time. I will increase the time to 45 minutes to earn much. Nowadays covid times provides me more free times.
  8. Yes, same as you my friend recommended this site to sign up. I am still working on completing 100 comments to start to earn. When i read your comment i feel happy to be here and it worths to spend time in order to make money.
  9. I suggest you to sign up Dentavox Surveys. It is about dentistry and you solve surveys and they pay you in US dollars. I earn 30 Usd in a month. I withdrawed my money without any problem. Before sign up you can watch lots of videos on YouTube.
  10. Yes you are right, there is only one true in cryptoworld that experience is not bought by money. There are thousands of comments from seniors of cryptotalk. When I decide to invest any cryptomoney firstly I become this forum and read the related topics about which cryptomoney I interested in.
  11. I was wondering is there anyone about withdrawing his/her money and this explanation made me happy. Now from that time i am really impatient to complete my first 100 comments to start earning.
  12. Faucets are not profitable, it pays a few penny although you spend your valuable time. Time is more important then pennies. It does not worth to do. I think it is good for only children that can buy a chocolate.
  13. I am not agree with you my friend. Because I joined this forum, there was nothing to do at outside due to the Covid-19. I am always at home, I have more free time to spend. Nowadays cryptotalk members amount will increase in my opinion.
  14. I think it will not provide higher incomes but it will make your reputation count higher. Reputation count will be seen by the other members and higher reputation count will attract people to vote/read your comment. You will be popular and this will feel you only happy and give morale.
  15. As I know you have to complete 100 comments/topic , then you are able to earn cryptotalks. After that you can withdraw your money by using yobit account.
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