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  1. There is no reason to worry that technical problems may occur from time to time. Hopefully they will solve their problems very soon. We just have to wait for them to get this update. Everything is updated but in my opinion youbit is trying to solve some of their technical problems and I am facing some problems while solving this. As a member we should not be so excited about the problem as it has been and hopefully there will be a solution as well.
  2. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Coronavirus is a forum. Many are unable to work due to corona virus and many are sick. However, those of us who are healthy. But everyone is in the forum. Again many are willing to work but they have taken leave from here. Many are leaving because they do not understand the work properly. In other words, the number of people in the forum is less due to individual problems. The main cause is coronavirus.
  3. Thank you. You are talking about a very beautiful thing. No, I have not received money from cryptocurrency yet. I have only been a member for some time now. But I want to buy a book when I get the first money. Besides, I will buy some clothes for my own wear. I hope I will get the money soon and if I get it, I will meet my needs.
  4. Yes friend cryptocurrency marketing is much better. If you want, you can market here and do the things that are happening there. The money exchange that is done here is also very good. In a word, it is possible to market a great site without fear. In my opinion, now you can do more research on how reliable cryptocurrency is. Thank you, I hope you have found the answer to your question.
  5. Because cryptocurrency is a trusted site. I believe I tell my friends about the currency but they work here. A little bit of time is enough to earn some money here. The purpose here is not just to earn money but also to learn some educational things. So all the time I will try to inform my friends about cryptocurrency. Thank you so much for being able to come to an organization like Cryptotalk. I believe I can earn some money from here.
  6. Yes, we should all respect the rules given in the forum and work according to those rules. This makes us better. And if we don't work according to that forum, it's not good for us. So it is our duty to respect the forum. If we work according to the rules of the forum, our reputation will be good if we do things according to the rules of the forum. The forum must be respected as a successful member. Thank you friend for saying a very nice thing I will definitely remember.
  7. Congratulations friend I think earning well is possible by good publications. It is possible to earn a good reputation as well. Good quality comments should always be made. To be successful in cryptocurrency, good comments are always needed and there is no substitute for good posts. More research is needed. Hope you got the answer to your question thank you.
  8. Yes ready. However, not all people are ready for self-control. Lazy people who are never ready for self-control rely on others to figure out how to make ends meet. And people who are self-reliant, self-confident, self-confident always have a seal of self-control. And so it always goes on in this world. Self-controlled people can always reach the pinnacle of progress. In today's world, most of us are not self-controlled. It takes hard work to be self-controlled and we have to rely on others today because we don't do that. We should always have self-control. Thanks. I like your comment very much.
  9. A very nice question. Yes, you can use it very easily. You need Youbit Wallet. You have to transfer cryptocurrency currency. Everything you earn here will be deposited there and you can withdraw money from there. Besides, Youbit is a very beautiful wallet and the money is easily available after seven days without any hassle.
  10. New users will be affected first because they will not be able to work properly. So it will be difficult for them to work in the first place. But gradually they will be able to move forward. Low content is always a sign of weakness. They are infected. So they should work well. Thanks for discussing this.
  11. Yes, of course. Because you can't succeed if you focus on the goal. I agree with you on this. Of course you have to post with a focus on work and create a good topic. Content should be made keeping in view each subject. Their goal is to succeed. Thank you for discussing this.
  12. I go to a Facebook group and look for a job post. Then a friend of mine there told me that he would work on this forum. Then knowing everything from him I contact work in this forum. Through him I got the opportunity to come to cryptocurrency. She explains everything to me here and about the work. Also explains well about the forum. That's how I learned from my friend. How did you find out, friend? Thank you for discussing a beautiful subject.
  13. At first when I heard about cryptocurrency it seemed very difficult to do the job. But now that the work has started, it doesn't seem that difficult. But now there is no difficulty in working, I work happily. To be honest it feels very impossible.
  14. You have asked a very nice question. I agree with you that if you work with any device, you can do it nicely. Laptops and computers can do the job very nicely and easily. However, the work can be done with a smart mobile phone.
  15. Cryptocurrency doesn't help us financially, but it does help us a little bit, and it helps to make a small amount of money. Thanks friend you have a very nice question.
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