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  1. It is very true friend, sometimes there are topics that we do not really understand then that we can do to look for others because we can have problems if we do not do things well, so we have to read a lot to know what we do.
  2. Friend as we can see according to the rules of the forum they only give us 50 evaluations daily and we have to use them in publications that are worth it since they are only 50 per day.
  3. To create your own cryptocurrency it is not easy at all, mainly you have to have a good capital to choose a good name for that currency and they also have to have a good command so that that crypto does not die.
  4. There are many projects that failed, you just have to wait for a very good project to come out and they will have a lot of profits you just have to wait over time to see what happens.
  5. Very good topic friend since this information is very good because many people invest in cryptocurrencies that only die so we have to avoid these friend sites so as not to be scammed.
  6. This is very sad friend but what I can tell you is that you have to learn much more about the world of cryptocurrencies, you have to know where to invest so as not to lose your money, so you have to look for good information so as not to be lost.
  7. It is in great news friends since that country is legalizing cryptocurrencies I hope that happens in many countries since these cryptographies day after day are growing more in the world.
  8. Very correct we have to try to avoid that since they are our first 10 enemies so we have to try to avoid emotions because that can bring us losses in the amgo trade.
  9. Of course, my friend, since as we can see, this year Bitcoin started very well but it has had some cadias in these last days I hope its price will recover again, you just have to be a little calm.
  10. As we can see for me, cryptocurrencies are very good in their price and their price always increases day after day, let's just hope that Bitcoin makes a better movement since its price has dropped a little I hope it recovers again.
  11. 3M1nv

    Lets Sort it Out

    Very good information, friend, this option is very good. I personally always make updates to see new content and to be very attentive to what they do within this forum.
  12. Actually I did not know anything, thanks for the good information you give us friend since it makes it much easier for us and we save less time, many people can see this good content so that they learn something new.
  13. Of course, my friend, this forum is much better than any other forum since it gives us a lot of knowledge about cryptocurrencies and investments, we just have to do a good job and comply with the rules very adequately so as not to have any problems with the moderators.
  14. Good topic friend since motivation is the key to success so we have to work very hard in the world of cryptocurrencies to have great skills in them in order to be great in the future.
  15. These things are what really motivate one to keep working hard, friend, we just have to keep doing a good job here in this forum that one day we will have good successes.
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