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  1. As far as I know, it's not just yobit who often repairs or maintenance wallet storage, indeed how long the wallet process will return can be used also cannot be ascertained, but because the wallet is offline, then we cannot deposit coins that are under repair
  2. I will see the volume of the price of a coin, it might be better, than buying a coin with a high price but does not have a stable transaction volume, even only a few percent of marketcap
  3. You are right, learning to use a demo account is a must for all of us, it can be balanced by finding material from trading books or e-books trading, so there are many ways to learn trading, even without expert assistance.
  4. You're right, a demo account is intended to try real trading sensations but is free of risk of losing money, that's why a demo account has broad functions, not even for beginners, demo accounts can also be used by trading masters to trade when the market is uncertain
  5. But that is the importance of mastering the basic technical analysis, although forex market movements are based on the fundamentals of a country, but with good technical analysis skills, traders can overcome all obstacles in trading, because history will repeat in the future
  6. In trading there is such a thing as a high risk low return and there is also a low risk high return, but there are times when high risk high return or low risk low return, trading is not easy, not because of the size of the investment, but how do we manage risk wisely
  7. We must always think positively and realistically, that in trading profit and loss is common, we must arrange our thinking patterns so that we do not expect more, the most important thing in trading is consistent long-term and not short-term profit
  8. I'am have never read a book about trading, whether it's cryptocurrency or shares, I do often read articles that discuss the world of trading, but that I get for free from the internet or from YouTube channel.
  9. Yesterday I made a withdrawal from yobit, I happened to submit a trx withdrawal with a fee of 1 or 10 trx. I forgot, but as I recall, the fee charged was low, although for dogecoin I saw that it needed more than 10 doge as a fee
  10. So far there hasn't been any news about exchanges that closed after in 2019 cryptopia and cryptobridge and coinexchange were closed, or idax is becoming a large exchange that has the potential to close, because of the recent scandal
  11. You are right, that there are many advantages of yobit, besides the common exchange features, yobit is more than just a cryptocurrency exchange, do you follow the investbox program, you can share your experience here
  12. I am aware that a commodity or exchange rate of a currency always changes, sometimes it goes up sometimes it goes down, while in cryptocurrency it is also like that, there are times when a bull comes that is an uptrend, and when a bear comes it will become a down trend, but if a coin is no longer provide profits or have been abandoned by investors, then the coin will die, that's a fact
  13. There are several tokens that I think have good potential, such as hydro tokens and matic, and tokens traded in kucoin have metahash, but there are still many tokens that have good potential, and we must be selective before buying.
  14. I got 9600 bitcoin black coins from Airdrop, I haven't read the white paper bitcoin black and what the roadmap looks like, but at a glance the coins are quite promising, but I don't know exactly what features offered by bitcoin black developers for investors
  15. The bitcoin market is a global market, where in general a broad range of markets is possible to manipulate prices, it is not without goals, because big players can do whatever they want, it is not only happening in cryptocurrency, but forex and stocks are other vulnerable markets manipulation
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