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  1. @Muhammad Adnan01283 Really appreciate this mate as i totally agree with you as changing the payment method will increase our chances of earning more to engage in cryptocurrency trading.
  2. Hello mates. Trust we are all doing good and fine. If you were given the chance to ask the CryptoTalk forum administrators for any improvement on the forum, what would you have asked them to improve on?
  3. Actually it would have been nice if CryptoTalk and Yobit can create an application for we members to make our posts and comments as this will make having access to the website more easier and comfortable. Looking forward to this in the near future though
  4. @Cem Kesgin Absolutely mate as there is a day limit for a beginner to complete his first 100 posts which is 2 days and maximum of 50 posts in the first day and another 50 in the second day after which only maximum of 20 posts and 50 reactions will be required daily for earnings.
  5. @Alexbhatti its sadden from my side too seeing how Talktokens is decreasing every day by day perhaps may be because people are selling their Talktokens immediately it was received. Concerning investing on Talktokens by purchasing the Talktokens at low price now and holding to sell when it rise back depends on how you can be patient enough to wait mate as one cant say the exact time its going to rise back mate.
  6. There is no earning difference between the seniors and the newbies as ones earning depends on one's daily and how it how it attracts the members on the forum to react to the post positively meaning giving good reputation to the post. So ones earnings be it a senior or a newbie depends on your hard work which is your contribution by posting interesting topics on the forum that attracts members giving positive reputation.
  7. I totally agree with this post as i found this words as encouraging words most especially for we beginners to be patient enough to make it here and while being patient we should make proper planning on the next step on any decision that will be taken as this will help a lot in ones journey to success. Lets remember success is not achieved in a day but with hard work and patience.
  8. Actually my own opinion on this platform is that it gives one opportunity to learn and earn. CryptoTalk gives one the chance to meet with experienced people in Crypto world to share their experiences with beginners to learn, CryptoTalk gives one the opportunity to receive valuable and vital information on Cryptocurrency trading through members post. This is a forum where one earns for his or her time spent here as a second spent here is used to gain and earn not to talk of minutes or hours. Really happy to be here.
  9. Hello everyone. This is my 9th day as a beginner in which i should have received my first payment but till now didn't receive my first payment but find out i was payed for only a day, what is the cause of this as i was really confused right now? I need your help friends to know why i haven't receive my payments.
  10. @Muhammad Umair Bashir Really appreciate this mate as this serves as a word of encouragement for me as beginner taking my time to earn Crypto trading here. To be successful in one's life, must must have dream and aim as this will be the driving force that will gears one towards that success.
  11. Actually i am planning to take out of the money earned to settle some of my school needs and use the rest to trade as i see this opportunity of Cryptocurrency trading as it is an opportunity to double ones earnings here if one should trade well. Though i am not good at trading yet but still taking my time to learn it more here on this forum to have the better knowledge and understanding from my experienced senior here.
  12. @Irungu Good to hear you later discover your password mate. Just next in case you can't find the mail on your email, try checking your spam messages, outbox and drafts as some message are been delivered there at times instead of been delivered at the mail inbox. Thank you.
  13. @doldany23 You are absolutely right mate as rules shouldn't be followed only for the fear of not to get banned but also for the respect to the forum for giving us the opportunity of interacting with eachother on Cryptoworld and also opportunity to earn as well.
  14. @riazpakistani Exactly my point mate. Negative reaction shouldn't be given to someone all because one don't accept with the person's opinion, instead the post should be ignored without giving any reaction to it.
  15. Warning point is sent to a member who has violated the forum rules and regulations in one way or the other as this may leads to one's account being banned if one continues to receive warning point and this is why beginners most especially the newbies should first of all read about the forum before they start posting on the forum to avoid one from receiving warning point from the administrators.
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