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  1. Wowww... What an amazing topic to learn from. I am glad to now have the knowledge on the history of Blockchain with this educative posts. This post is a valuable and informative one which i believe most of we beginners just joining the forum to learn about cryptocurrency will learn from. Thanks for the job well done with this post @Omar98
  2. This are one of the activities done here on CryptoTalk by members that the moderators are not in support of as it can lead to one being punished by getting warning points or even get one account banned. Positive rating should be given to posts that has a value content that is contributing to this forum on cryptocurrency while negative reaction shoud be given to posts that doesn't worth to be posted on this forum.
  3. @Younes31 I totally agree with you on this mate and i see your comment on this topic as words of encouragement, focus and believe to continue working and contributing positively to this forum to get to the leaders board. However, we should also see ourselves as future leaders in this forum and this will be serving as encouragement for us to do more to contribute to this forum.
  4. @Julia Roberts You are absolutely right mate. To get positive reputation requires one to post genuine topics on Cryptocurrency which will be very educative and informative enough for the beginners most especially the Crypto learners. However, it must be well constructed in simple English for clear and better understanding.
  5. @Mubiflow You are absolutely right mate and i also agree with this. Some members has been making posts in reference with what they see other members commenting on that topic without they making their own personal research on that topic to have the knowledge and this won't do one any good but killing one's knowledge on Cryptocurrency.
  6. @alaarami You are right mate as i also agree with you. Information is one of the key to success in this forum and part of the information given in this forum is the forum rules and regulations. We have to keep ourselves updated in order to know the forum rules which will be our guide to prevent us from violating the forum rules. Taking the forum rules as our friend will always prevent us from being banned from the forum.
  7. @Goyaa You are right mate as i also agree with you on this friend. It's very important to learn psychology and peace of mind when one wants to make any transaction in cryptocurrency in order to make one focus on the transaction and to avoid making any mistake when pasting the transaction address to prevent one from lossing one's money to another coin one dosent intend to make transaction on.
  8. @Onden i totally agree with you on this mate. Experts in cryptocurrency will know how to teach a beginner Cryptocurrency without much stress for better understanding of the learners. Experts don't make long sentences to teach cryptocurrency for the learners to find it easier to read it on time and able to digest the point in the post. However, experts don't find it difficult to teach learners about Cryptocurrency.
  9. @Farhana09 You are spoken well mate and this is a lovely advice from you. We can always earn more and achieve in cryptocurrency trading and investment if we can always work together as a team by seeing ourselves as one in this forum and not seeing ourselves like we don't care. Working together as a team will always make us solve problems on Cryptocurrency and keep each updated to achieve our goals in Cryptoworld.
  10. Thank you for this amazing post as this will serve as a notification to me personally and all the beginners just joining the forum that will be engaging in cryptocurrency and marketing that there are dead coins in crypto market which one needs to be careful not to waste one's time in investing or trading on those kind of coins instead we should stay updated and focus on coins that are active for trading and investment in the Cryptocurrency market of today. @Biojay
  11. @doldany23 well said mate and i totally agree with you too on this. Having minimum of 1 topic created in a week will improve this forum more to have updated posts on Cryptocurrency compared to 1 topic on 15 days or in a whole month.
  12. I just suggest you consult the moderators by messaging them directly to help review on your posts you are receiving negative rating on and i am very sure they will look into the post and if truly they also found it not worthy of recieving negative reaction, then we can conclude you are been targeted by someone on purpose and i believe the administrators will surely help you on that. Thank you.
  13. @Husnyjaf Well said mate and i also agree with you. This forum has contributed to we members lives more beyond even our expectations giving us the opportunity to learn cryptocurrency and also to earn with our posts created and comments on topics and this is why we must also do everything possible in our capacity to improve this forum and there is no other way to achieve this but by making researches and post valuable updates on cryptocurrency and free the forum from spammers.
  14. @Guru2050 Good post well constructed mate. I must just commend you for this motivational topic you have created as this will serve as words of encouragement for all we members in this forum most especially we beginners just joining. We just have to stay focus and understand the rules and regulations of this amazing forum to make a better posts in order the acquire earnings.
  15. Personally to me i can be patient enough for only few months to hold on to any crypto i am owning because I don't think i can just afford for me to loose on it if i have any opportunity to trade on it when the coin i am owning value rise. It will be so painful to hold on a coin which I have the opportunity to sell and later falls back that now later end up to loose.
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