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  1. Yes I agree with you that we get up wonderful knowledge information and earnings from crypto and also our English language and vocabulary increases and our writing and communication and interactive skills in enhanced very much by working in a forum as an active member.
  2. Yes this platform is good example of getting happiness and joys by working in it.. because in addition to getting money we have new friends, learning knowledge and gaining interesting im really Happy to work in this platform.
  3. Yes its not a bad idea in this way we will also learn about culture and traditions of other countries..we would learn lots of new things about its good to make this way your interest will build more and more and work more attentively in a friendly envoirment.
  4. thank you so much dear mate for telling us about the scammers and it is a very serious issue,thank you for having a grateful post on it.there is a lot of scamming webites and people becoming more and more attractive for their fake offers and ends with we should be keep safe from such scammers and will discover them and report them and avoid them.
  5. Congrats my friend for having received your payment..Im also a new member and had received tokens of my rates and will soon get my post payment.but now a days token price is very i advice you to hold them and withdraws when it rises.
  6. Yes I agree with you that patience is required but hard work and strategies before stepping in a particular field is must noted.cryptotalk is the best place to show your patience and you will be rewarded at the end definitely.
  7. we should always try to work on such websites and forums where we will get more profit and benefits like cryptotalk is one of that useful platform which is providing us with more information and more money so try to avoid low income locations.
  8. If I had an opportunity to add a rule in cryptotalk then I will add that the reason of giving negative point on our posts like if anyone wants to give negative point he should mention the reason why he is giving the negative point and what thing he dislikes in our post so that it would help us to cope up with it.
  9. Yes I am here to earn money and also getting information about the many different aspects of digital currencies like I want a complete knowledge regarding trading and investing and then I should start it and now I had get a lot of ideas about how to excel in the crypto world.
  10. there is no specific approval time of your post you can comment or post anytime in which you want and it will be posted instantly on the forum but this could be a thing that moderators can delete your post any time after immediately posting or maybe after some time if they found it useless so try to make a valuable content for the forum so that your post would not be deleted
  11. Most of the people hold their coins and withdraw the money in the New year like every new year that is increase in rates to some extent but digital currencies is always a one can be sure about rise and fall of the currencies. so in my opinion you have to hold some money but not the whole one
  12. I am here to learn and to earn at the same time as I am a student so I need some money to meet my daily needs and also it will help me to increase my knowledge in trading and my writing and my vocabulary is also enhanced by working in this forum and this cryptotalk forum is suggested to me by my cousin and I ready feel satisfied and happy after joining it.
  13. this could only be happen if you give many reacts at a same time try to give reactions after sometime like in the whole day you should complete your 50 reaction rather than want to complete in one or two would be more productive of you visit the platform many times in a day .more time you spend it then more you learn it.
  14. Ratings is very much important for the forum to understand the post is much suitable or not and also for the people that it contains something useful content if it is positive rated but if it is negative then it means that most people dislike it and this post must not be made in the nearby future by them
  15. Dear friend I think your post is lacking something may be it is not of suitable length or it is not according to the rules of the forum may be your post is repeated that already topic is mentioned in the forum so try to make useful post and search before posting that the forum could not delete your post anymore.
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