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  1. You are very right every day there are so many ways to scam that it is something incredible that one of them is by creating new airdops and tokens and pre sales and they are mostly projects that disappear with money, therefore I know that it is better to invest in stable cryptocurrencies and of the top 10 because there is more possibility of profit.
  2. I have seen many new members who do have a lot of knowledge but to the point of arguing with another member for saying who has more knowledge is wrong, so here everyone is to learn and teach as far as possible without being involved in problems with others members because we must be united because that is the intention of the forum.
  3. The pandeia has really popularized the use of cryptocurrencies even more and here we can see the true potential that there is in this great project and that we are seeing a possible beginning of its acceptance throughout the world.
  4. The rules prevent it friend, although you can provide information about the page and there is a section where you can create a topic with your link without problems but here in this section you will be in the wrong place and there if your topic will be deleted because it is not allowed in this section .
  5. BTC has made great strides in the last months of 2020 and the pandemic has been part of this happening today we can see BTC a bit stable but with a very high price which has surprised the world and that at some point it will increase if the world continues with this pandemic and its value will continue to surprise the whole world.
  6. BTC is a great cryptocurrency and already large companies are seeing the great potential that there is in it and for this reason they are confident and invest a lot of money which makes this see that BTC with more potential and more popularity throughout the world and this is Convenient for carriers of cryptocurrencies.
  7. It is a condition to be able to withdraw the percentage earned, so you must do them every day to collect your reward earned daily or so that it can be executed so you must do it every day without missing because otherwise you will not receive it.
  8. ETH is a great cryptocurrency I have money stored in ETH but not much clear but in order to save it in the long term so I expect great things and results that for my part will be great gains because ETH becomes more popular every day.
  9. I want to improve every day in cryptocurrencies because I don't have much knowledge to be able to continue advancing so I am prudent and I will wait patiently until I can learn enough so I have many goals which I will soon be able to meet.
  10. Friend is lost if you do not remember the seed phrase in your wallet or send it to a different wallet this money is lost, now if in the future there is a lot of technology which can offer a possible recovery you can recover it but this is very unlikely.
  11. You must always be careful with duplicate or pishing pages since they are very common and many people fall into this trap, so when they send a link to the private with a platform that frequently uses, verify that it is always the real one and not a copy for don't steal it.
  12. What a bad friend there are really many ways to lose money and even being new there are many offers and capital duplicators and many people fall into these traps and it is unfortunate because it can be avoided, the safe way to make money is passively aigo en yobit there is an option called investbox which offers very good benefits passively.
  13. China has given a lot of support to cryptocurrencies and that every achievement they make may be in favor of cryptocurrencies even if they still have some conflicts but you have to see the potential that China always offers to everyone where they always come up with great inventions.
  14. Airdrops are very common, they are the ones that promise the most every year and in reality there are so many that they are most waste of time and even in the pre-sale many fall into this trap and what they do is lose the possibility of promoting a good project by what to watch out for even scams on the internet.
  15. The investbox is a very good option, you can also buy top cryptocurrencies when they lose their value because it is the best time to increase profits so when you see the top market in the red it is a very good opportunity to enter and hold until you have profits .
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