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  1. @fahimayes my friend i completely agree with you. Cryptotalk helps a lot us to additional income. Personally cryptotalk is my kind of part time job. And i like to learn here and share my knoladge what i know.you can make weekly 39-40$ here. That's why i love cryptotalk.
  2. @Arpit GuptaMany thanks my dear friend. This problem hapend before to myself but it taken height 3-5 days.But now it running 9 days thats why i am some worred to continuing my work but i also hopefull to get my payment.
  3. Well my friend 9 days to go i dont transfer my yobit pay buy post campaign balance to my main balance. It,s really heart me.can any one tell me whats going on. How many days latter i transfer my balance into main balance.
  4. For me there are many best exchange on which I can used in, those are belongs to top 10 exchange site platform,such as follows: Kucoin, Idax, Coinbene, Binance, Lbank, Okex, Houbie and Bitfinex, these are proven and tested to me already.But of course you still need to be careful in choosing exchange platform.
  5. I think you can trade your tokens in almost all the exchange and some p2p exchange like etherdelta and forkdelter can be used for tokens trading. Other exchanges like binance, bittrex, cryptopia, poloniex also allowed tokens trade. If I didn't understand your questions very well please do try to reflame it again so that other people can give you more replies.
  6. India has many smart people, but also many dumb ones. Legalizing bitcoin is one step to a glorious economy system because they surely are going to impose taxes which will be beneficial for them. Added to that, many unemployed people will find hope. However, the legality of bitcoin has not been put into action. They think that it will be a huge threat to their economy system and people will stop relying on banks. Go fix your banks' system first.
  7. I think they explain improperly because you want to know how this possible. But I find how is this possible because it is 3 USD is converted into 3 digits, So all are confuse this format but last year it was reach 3 USD so they feel like this and end of the year or next year it was possible in crypto market. The current situation it was 0.3 USD so 1 dollar or 1.5 dollar will possible because only sudden hype will make this situation in this year or next year
  8. Two things, supply and demand, give a commodity its price and value. That is what is happening with Bitcoin. It will even get more expensive with time as the awareness for its usage increases. Remember that Bitcoin total supply is just 21million which really isn't much. Also, any coin that has increased usage and little supply will always have increased price.
  9. Bitcoin does have a good move, although Altcoin is still in a slow movement, but remains optimistic that the altcoin is still good. Everything goes according to the request. Bitcoin has tremendous demand and this adds to the community's enthusiasm @TANVIR021
  10. Well in my opinion the trade war between the two countries does not have any impact on crypto, yes, although it is not impossible that there is an indirect impact, but the impact we can see is due to the BCH hardfork event, this split is quite controversial so it has a negative impact on the market, not to mention this together with the event of Black Friday.
  11. Seeing now, Ethereum still dominates. The difference between Ethereum and XRP Market cap is still far away. And to return to the second position may take time, but did not rule out the possibility that it will happen in the future. But for now I don't think it is enough to replace ethereum.
  12. Being a newbie deciding to put all the savings into cryptocurrency is actually a no good idea considering you do not have enough knowledge about crypto investment. I would suggest that you need to study first and understand more details about cryptocurrency in such away you know what you are doing and you know how to analyze the market trends. By the time you had enough knowledge, then you are ready to invest and only invest what you can afford to lose.
  13. If you know how to make money online corona will certainly not affect you. You can stay home 24/7 and earn thousands of dollars every month if you know how, and in this market you can trade to make a profit every day or join bounty and airdrop to earn more income, it downright easy
  14. Given that fact that this platform is giving the lowest fee, but the question is how is this platform really safe? do they an assurance for this for the new user unto it? Honestly, it is so hard for us to try on the new platform like this because most of it are too dangerous if someone try to register like this one. I had seen a lot of new platform were will give a good offer but once you get in, you will see the bad side of getting in to their platform based on my experienced
  15. @umarfakharwell my friend yes you are right cliclaps app are good for mining earning. But i think this is not good enough for us. In my crypto experience i wanna say mobile app earning is totally wast of time. Cryptotalk is the best all of us. Here you can learn about crypto. Earn crypto with making good useful post.
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