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  1. I have done it, with only the BINANCE and YOBIT trade, you capitalize and start operating, you look for a currency that is very fruitful and you work on it. As an example I work a lot between Zen and BNB.
  2. Yes it can be, but talk does not have an ecosystem as you know, it would be great if it has a place to spend it to better maintain the price, as you know it is our salary and I would like my currency to be the best in the world. and I trust cryptotalk. I hope you can raise the coin thanks.
  3. I am buying ETH before the future rise, and I save BTC because I know it will rise, whoever does not benefit will lose future strong rises.
  4. maxumoto

    Trading Bots?

    The bots exist many branches but I will focus on 2, one is when it warns you the prices and the whales, the other is that it makes the automatic trade, if you are very young, the second is better for you to avoid risk. but it is better the first one for the prefionales to notify you of the currency changes in real time with the notices
  5. maxumoto

    "Best platform"

    I only trade in BINANCE, IOBIT. because for me it is safer and more comfortable to work. It seems to me and has better investment plans and good transfer fees.
  6. The dollar is falling for various reasons, but the bitcoin will rise and will correct itself if it rises a lot and resistance is created due to not speculating, I will not say a price but it will see a considerable increase with good resistance. but for me it will have a resistance of $ 50,000.
  7. that's true. I'm paying for peyer, airtm, binaces and yobit. and it has made my life easier, I pay for everything with crypto. I am very comfortable with all payment platforms.
  8. It is correct, small-scale mining is not profitable, only if you have a mining farm, that is profitable, because every time they ask for more machines and electricity and it will cost to calculate the mathematical problems, and because of the corona virus it has dropped. But I will say that the big farms took more field and had more profits for this year, by eliminating the small competitions.
  9. investigate the note, and if it is true this is directed by a man named jorge rodrigez torres allied with tarrek irasami. Something like that, they promoted the idea of PETRO, but their background in the project is money laundering linked to the mafia called the cartel of the sun, this already existed before the sanctions because the military was paid with dollars, but for the sanctions He had to get more into crypto to be able to launder his money. There are many cases of this in the United States court. And it is too long to count here, but I assure you to pay the salary of the high military positions is paying in BTC, ETH AND OTHER DIGIAL CURRENCIES.
  10. BITCOIN as it is the first and is the one that has the monopoly of the market, then ETH follows. The price is not decided by the BTC that is a lie, if it affects other currencies that is not denied, but the truth is that the price of the currencies is defined by their technology, project, human uptake, trend movement depending on individual or business demand .
  11. Looking at the background of the 2, I think it is very overrun, but it is a disadvantage for binance, yes, but many from the United States will try to unify binance, because binance has more monopoly than coinbase. that by far, rather it will add more books to binance.
  12. is that it will always see correction and it will rise suddenly, you will ask me why, there is an increase in users, obviously there is no new money, but there are new very good and profitable projects, countries will take measures for crypto, politicians want to increase crypto to the economy, banks want to adapt crypto and also paypal. In my opinion, you don't see it now, but the income is going to increase very well next year.
  13. I think that we have the right time to invest in btc, it is a currency of the future, I was informed by a candidate from Argentina, named Javier Milei is making a giant effort so that crypto will be a currency in Argentina and he applied to the dinner for be fulfilled that dream, notice Milei is a recognized economist in Argentina. If he succeeds, we will have another country on the list that can be traded with crypto. it is better to invest now because later it is too late.
  14. I think this is not the solution, it is better to find where to spend those coins, like gaining on advertising or something. Something has to be spent to re-demand and that helps not to lose its price.
  15. I agree, all of November was in the green, and recently it recovered from its fall, and only avoids a few points to break the barrier we are now at $ 19,200 and there is time for it to rise to 20000. We only have to wait: D. I'm excited we're only $ 800 to break the barrier.
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