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  1. It's true that beginner section is the best foundation especially if you are new in this forum or also in crypto world. This section contains a lot of topics that are very useful for newbies because anyone can easily understand get the idea of the topics, authors also uses basic words or terms in order for everyone to understand. Most of the things I learned is just from this section because I am also just a beginner.
  2. If you manage to receive positive reactions on all your posts then you will earn more because this forum is connected with two campaigns by YoBit Exchange. You can earn 10 talk token just by posting and you can earn 1000 satoshis from your posts that has a positive rating. As of now having a lot of followers or reputation doesn't give you more rating.
  3. As of now I always manage to write and contribute 20+ useful posts. I will always try my best to write good content as much as I can because I don't want my posts to get deleted and get some deduction from the payment I received from posting. I also try my best to help other users if they encounter a problem by replying to their comment and sharing what I know about their problem.
  4. The reasons why you are removed from the campaign are maybe you live at the countries which are banned as of now or maybe you continue to write not useful posts. If you use VPN and your IP is from the banned countries then possible the exchange detected it. It's better that you ask some moderators or administrators as soon as possible so that they will fix or tell you what's the problem.
  5. There's always risk on crypto world even when we convert our talk to bitcoin because we don't know what if tomorrow the value of the token increases. We should not be scared to take risks because this will help us to learn more especially about cryptocurrency. Also before doing an action, it's better that you have basic knowledge so you know what you are doing.
  6. If I get 1 bitcoin for free, I am going to hold it and then sell it once it's price reaches 19,000+ USD and then I will use some of it to buy the things I need and want. I will invest the remaining money to bitcoin again once it's price dropped around 7,000 USD and I will also invest on some coins or tokens to try trading.
  7. Some people doesn't give reputation on some topics or comments because maybe they already meet the 50 ratings limit per day or they are not knowledgeable about giving ratings can make them earn more or possibly they are just lazy. I always manage to distribute my ratings properly on both good and negative ratings. Before I give ratings to comments I always give reaction to the main topic to show some appreciation for sharing good information.
  8. If our account got banned or received a warning point we should never ever blade the moderators because they are just doing their job to protect it's users and to maintain the forum's usability. We only receive warning points or get ban if we didn't follow their rules which is really simple, it's better to read the forum rules before joining or start working in this forum to avoid problems in the future.
  9. The forum changed me as a student because I am now more into reading unlike before I don't like to read because it makes me sleepy. Cryptotalk also help me to train and practice constructing english sentences, it also helped me to learn more about technology which is the focus of my study right now. Also it helps me to somehow learn time and money management.
  10. I think some of topics are being locked because it's a topic that is already existing or published by another user, maybe this is their way to stop users on commenting to duplicated topics so that the original topic will gain more replies and comments. Also the other reason is the topic is not useful or containing false information.
  11. As far as I know digital money is the money that is supported by many banks and also it is a non-physical form of fiat. Cryptocurrencies are also money but it is more on decentralized system and as of now some of the countries doesn't recognize crypto as a real money. We can convert our crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto through different platforms like exchanges and wallets.
  12. It's true that this forum can change life of people who are new to cryptocurrency world because with this forum they can easily start learning and of course earning some crypto. Beginners can use their income from this platform on investing, trading or holding. My life was changed too since I join this forum because I never think that I can actually earn bitcoin.
  13. Mistakes are one of the best source of knowledge because we always learn more if we do some wrong things or decisions in life. Every time we fail we should hate ourselves instead analyze the problem so that we'll know where we go wrong and then try another way of doing it next time. Just always accept every knowledge you can acquire because that will help you at your future problems.
  14. This forum can not fulfill our everyday needs because the payment we receive from this platform is just enough, we can not use this forum as a main source of income. We should need find another campaign or just get a full-time job so that we can buy our daily needs. It's really hard to depend on this forum because the payment is not fixed and depends on the number of useful posts you created on a certain day. If we want to provide our daily needs through this forum then we should learn how to budget our money really well.
  15. We can not compare this forum to part time jobs since, working in this forum doesn't have a fixed payment and also this forum is just great for another source of income. We can still earn here even if we have a part time or a full time job because working in this forum doesn't require you a lot of time, you can post here when you are at break or just at home after a long day of work.
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