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  1. Wisdom said, "Invest what you can afford to lose." He did not say to you, "Do not invest more than a hundred dollars." You may be a millionaire and invest a hundred thousand dollars, and there are those who will invest 1000 dollars, depending on the economic situation.
  2. Of course coinmarketcap is the winner in the competition here, it is the best site that gives you forecasts of currencies, and their prices on various exchanges.
  3. Just the first thing, focus on reading the forum rules, and not only thinking about the money you earn here, but about the quality of the posts, this is what will make your profit higher, and your reputation earning as well.
  4. Of course not, the forum will stop paying soon, of course, for any reason, regardless of the availability of other campaigns or not, but if you mean the world of crypto as a whole, perhaps, if you are a professional in trading, you can rely on it only as "extra" income.
  5. Reporting actually helps supervisors in their work, or the administration in general, to get rid of spam. Thus, the growth of the forum more useful publications.
  6. It is generally "an investment, and there is no such thing as building your life on investment. I understand your point of view, but this is not possible. Where will you eat when you lose your confidence or steal your money, for example? This is still something that you cannot depend on."
  7. He just meant that those who used to collect taps in the past 5 Bitcoin, now they can be sold for 40 thousand dollars, meaning that maybe what we collect now also, can be sold in the future for more as well.
  8. Supervisors must review these accounts first before paying, it will not take seconds for a light review to detect fraud, it is not difficult at all. They have to reorganize this system.
  9. As for investing, I have advice for you, there are two ways to invest in Yobit InvestBox (old) Virtual Mining (new) But I advise you more about InvestBox, no one knows about the fluctuations that might happen to the minex.
  10. Many rules have been clarified, both formal and informal, and I don't think you are missing that. Just check in the first section and you will find all the rules there.
  11. Since they are paying in campaigns, this means that they really want a more active forum, unless it was announced about it and left it to volunteers only.
  12. I previously explained this also that every person has his own point of view, and giving someone a bad reputation does not mean that he is a spammer, for example, but the struggle over the Bitcoin campaign continues, as they are the reason for not counting a post.
  13. You can use InvestBox to invest your money, that $ 100 might return $ 200, for example, in something like Virtual Mining in a month. There are many ways to invest in Yobit.
  14. Yes, this has already been implemented in the Bitcoin campaign, but in the original campaign, you get full payment for all your publications.
  15. I agree with you, wisdom says, "You are worth as much as you know." Those who work in Blogging or YouTube have a hobby of acting or writing, and there are also those who profit the same from trading, no difference.
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