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  1. Hello everyone the three things you get on this platform are many but the most important one are knowledge,money,understanding these three things will make you know more on cryptocurrency and keep pushing on to achieve your aim and objective
  2. Hello everyone withdrawal is easy ask your seniors from the platform they will put you through on how it work, I recommend you to invest that money with and earn money for future purpose
  3. Hello everyone my plan for my first withdrawal is to buy bitcion at lower price and invest with it to earn huge amount of money,they lower the price they higher the quantity demanded, through this process I could be able to earn money
  4. Hello everyone base on my own perspective on this topic crypto has done so many opportunities and benefit to those who are in the platform, where they earn money and knowledge with more experience where you can invest to earn money
  5. Hello everyone never give up in any situation you found yourself because you don't know what tomorrow will be. On this platform you will learn some many things all you need is courage and determination and keep pushing on to reach your goal
  6. Wow this is really a very big number I have been hearing about cryptocurrency but I never know they are this much. I only know the popular ones which are bitcion,litecion,etherium,xcu and others. I hope I get to know more from other people comment
  7. Hello everyone here you get a mixture of people around the world where you get to know more on different type of people, you learn and share each other ideas and experience
  8. Hello everyone I think this is is a organization which could stop that's why government will not approve it but I think if is going to last for ever government should adopt it is going to help many people around the world at large. Adopting it will boost that country economy
  9. Hello mate i think it started earlier 2009 where most of my friends are in to it where many people earn huge amount of money on it to earn a living, it was introduced by one someone called satoshi Nakamoto where he was able to convince many people to buy it products and he was successful where many people buy it and gain a lot of income
  10. Hello everyone paper money is too dangerous this days because you could be rob by any people who does not have anything doing to earn money, while your bitcion is in your wallet where ever you go you can use it to buy anything any where you go where you can change it to any currency of your own choice
  11. Base on my own opinion I don't have much to say on this topic because in everything you do in this life you need to have someone who will lead you, on this platform, our moderators are tbe ones to lead us and we must obey their rules and regulation and we must respect them or else you will be banned
  12. I had it for a while from my friends and I was introduced by my friend where earn money on my daily task posting 20 post give me an opportunity save money and invest on it. I learned so many things on this platform
  13. Cryptocurrency has been my primary source of income most especially during this pandamic know as covid19 has help me a lot where the economy of country is going down but the help of cryptocurrency i could be able to pay my bills
  14. Base on my own perspective I think it will survive during this pandamic due to lockdown where some people will like to invest on bitcion to earn money through this process bitcion could increase in market value, in this case demand and supply will boost bitcion
  15. Hello everyone base on this topic all you need to know is very simple follow the rules and regulation of the platform made by the moderators and you're good to go, this rules are very simple but difficult to understand. The rules are as follow no spamming on peoples work, copy and paste is not allow on the platform because is going to implecate you and you will be banned for that
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