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  1. It is very good that you share how to obtain income online and I think the same as you that it is good to write or create a blog but the bad thing is that sometimes people make mistakes and do not write important information as they only want to comply with the rules and Put it only to make 100 characters and it is not like that, only to do 100 because if you can do more, do what will give you more reputation and it is good for you.
  2. If I have seen that characteristic of giving a maximum of 5 reputations and it seems to me that it is something new and innovative for the forum because sometimes we kind of want to give more to the topics or publications of people because sometimes their topics are original and not yet written or published by anyone.
  3. I think the same as you that 95% of the loss or failure comes from fear and for me that the other 5% is positivism but since it is not much we always go to the side of fear and that is why we lose and never won or victorious .
  4. In addition to benefiting from the conversation tokens, it seems to me that the one that is totally benefited from the first second is the forum because we benefit from information or data that are new or have not yet been obtained in some part or site
  5. This topic is very helpful, I did not know, thanks to this I am not going to lose anything I was doing and if I was writing I could continue writing later when the internet or the light comes back because thanks to the save function I will not have any problem.
  6. Hello, congratulations for reaching 100 publications now what you have to do is continue making publications or topics you have to do 20 every day so the payment counts, for your publications you pay what you receive are btc or talk for the evaluations, it would benefit you wait, investigate and then act and invest my experience in whether I am also trying to do the same but for now not investing waiting for the right moment.
  7. I agree with you friend and with your topic we would have to take more precautions or security because our mobile or telephone is where we immerse ourselves in the digital world day by day and without it or an attack from some cybercriminal we will be left without this digital world.
  8. I'm glad for your effort, friend, keep gaining or achieving a reputation, give him that you are going to go very far, good luck friend, and never give up, always continue to the end, even if you fall, because you learn from that and become stronger.
  9. I agree with you friend, we do not always have to rush to operate our money or investments, we always have to wait for the right moment so that our operations go very well and do not go bad or failing.
  10. My opinion is that if it is safe to use yobit, so far I have not had any problem and also its security is very good and you can also see or read comments they make about yobit and none of them will be bad about their security or yobit if all will be good.
  11. This issue is very good because I was not aware of it and now I am aware of it thanks to the person who made and did this specific issue, and I think it will be solved or they will solve it sooner or later because otherwise it would harm them.
  12. It is very safe to use yobit in 2020 because in addition to telling you the amounts of the posts, the payments and many other references, the security is also very good, so far I have not had any problems.
  13. To create a topic, the basic things are to look for useful information, express yourself in a way that everyone can understand and not you, just because if others cannot understand that it would be very bad of you and it would speak very badly of your topic.
  14. I do not have any advice to give because he already said them or they are on this issue that is for that so that others do not ask repeated questions and here you can also remove doubts, so I agree with others.
  15. With the vr gas (3d) we can see the coins or digital currency from another angle and we can see or know things that we could not before and explore a totally new world or that was there but we did not know.
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