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  1. new people should do 100 posts first, i definetly agree with it because its just really annoying that people kept asking the same thing all over again and they atleast should try different things as some questions are way too common to be asked anyway.
  2. The posts are only being paid now for being only rated and there were alot of reasons why it was become like this and many has been unfair with due respect they abused the profits too many ways and the cryptotalk forum admins and mods had no choice but to choose this option.
  3. Its something i never thought it would happen again at some point, i guess there was something up and needs to be checked and it might take a while as from what i can see at this point. because of maybe something to deal with forum issues or something.
  4. Ill be honest this is a pretty good motivation for the new people and this would help enlighten their mood on their work and it should be interesting to keep working on this forum as there are alot of potencial of this forum still has to overcome and we must be there in every way.
  5. Telegram is already ded and theres no hope for it because its just full scammers u would barely see any legitimate people there doing the right thing thats why you shouldn't even bother going in that application because its nothing but trash all the way....
  6. I would say 50-50 as i really not sure about it but his explanation is something i really understood but however its still hard to determine the possibility of being able to know the possibilities and whatnot as there are alot of random events that can stop this possibility.
  7. I promise you its worth coming in here as you would really learn alot of things and you would understand the things you are lacking in here and what you are focusing whether its a trader or being a investor the other things of what to do exists in here and all the important things to do is in here!.
  8. I quite agree with this as being a application with on the mobile can cause some alot of troubles and not being able to keep with the security they had on the domain chances are people can get hacked by more chances and that will cause even a greater step down of the security.
  9. I tried one back then but i did used a different account just to experiment and the end results are me getting scammed but with no loss as to what happend is they hacked it and changed the password and i cannot access it anymore so dont trust any yobit phone apps.
  10. First of all it would be total chaos if the government takes over blockchain or something and the thing is there are alot of things that could happen if taxes suddenly got implemented and one way or another its just gonna get worse and worse and until we can barely get any profit because of a damn tax.
  11. The thing is i saw alot of things yobit than i never i had think of and i would also easily recommend yobit to those who are still new as to they have alot of features to begin with and the community there is quite decent tbh and your option to choose there is alot.
  12. There are many ways and that goes off with projects have something that has unusual pricing or it has a sudden price rise when u are trying something and also being able to research the information of the project is a way to see if its a fraud one or not.
  13. This is very true and also never risk trading higher if ur budget cannot keep up, reasons are consecquences can be deadly and dangerous as failing can be a major problem to your life and other financial decisions so becareful on how you would trade everyday.
  14. I have played atleast one game of from and it took ever and didn't even showed up ever again ever since i managed to get a profit thats and actually its really not easy to do stuff around and also dont download these its just trash and its very bad to be tried.
  15. Well this is kinda the purpose of being able to take the breaks and chilling for a while as you cannot always stay to the business itself and it will soon run after you and will probably will try some different't typers thats why prevent me to the humauna.
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