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  1. I personally suggest you don't invest in something big if you are beginners in trading than you do invest small amount of your savings and then you gain a success in investment than you do big investment on site i hope this suggest is best for you
  2. If you complete your 100 posts than you 20 post daily and you will receive your payment after seven days and you will serious shocking when you receive your payment and you also get btc points daily
  3. Crypto trading is totally safe because its a very good earning site and we will do work easily here and i am here since a long time and i never face any difficulties about this so don't worry when you work here THANKS
  4. Yes i also face this issue some times because my internet are also slow sometimes but when i sumbit comment i do two to three time comments and than i will edit the post and correct my mistake
  5. Brother here are very simple rules of crypto if we follow the rules and regulations than you never face any difficulties about banning account or something more so just learn all the rules and regulations
  6. Because in this forum we are learning about btc and talk tokens and about trading so that's why this forum is good for future of bitcoin and its also a very good and stable money in future So that's a very big and important rule of this forum in crypto
  7. I also tell you in the vote because i am avoid to making duplicate posts because i think if i make post maybe our posts are duplicate so i am avoiding making posts so i suggest you i you wait it make any topic than confirmed it maybe its not created before
  8. Yes i am also very depressed about talk token price because this is so much decreasing day by day and you all know about this our income is depends on talktoken mostly so that's why i think moderators should concern on this serious issue
  9. Because you have done your daily limit of making react on other post thats a reason you dont do react again so wait until one day than you will do again react on other posts but i have a small suggestion for you do only react on those posts who have q good stuffed posts
  10. Hello friends i hope you are fine Thanks for telling us all ranks in crypto congratulate me i am here with the rank of Full members but my dream is to becoming a Vip member i know i want so much hard work but maybe in this hard work maybe i am getting banned before reaching senior rank
  11. I started work here since two months ago and i personally feel this forum is so much good and really profitable for our youngest persons because we also learning here about trading and many more so i think we have a great opportunity to join this forum and its complete my all regularly needs
  12. Some times ago they also do comments on this forum but suddenly moderator change the rules of this forum because ae of countries are not following the rules and regulations given by crypto so thats why they banned some countries those countries making useless comments and don't make any relevant posts
  13. Yes you are right moderator should do something for us because you kniw tha price of talktoken is decrease day by day and it was so much bad for us because btc points are also stop from moderators so developer should thing about something for us
  14. I was not agree wuth your decision because my dear new friend its a world wide platform and i think we all know the wolrd wode language english and its not bad if we use it and was so much easy and we all understand if they provide us different languages than how can you understand each other words because all countries have different languages
  15. I was so much like of crypto talk campaign because they support us so much and they will give enough money for us and its so much better than crypto talk new brother i have a personal suggestion for you if you don't complete your daily needs with crypto new than also check your crypto talk campaign
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