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  1. Dear mate ,I genuinely suggest you to use coinbase wallet. Coinbase wallet is highly secured . I know this will come to your mind that no online exchange is secure , how it be? Dear coinbase store 97% of your assets in offline cold storage . The offline cold storage property of coinbase make them less prone to the attack of hackers .
  2. Yes dear mate , you can directly search the member you want to search in the search bar . But before searching , you must know the proper id and username of that person . Because the names of many members of this platform is similar to each other. If you do not know the member ID and username, you will have a hard time for finding it.
  3. Yes dear mate , you are absolutely right .Cryptotalk benefited us a lot in our daily life. It not only provide us a source of income but also become platform for providing knowledge related to the cryptoworld to everyone. I think we can benefit this platform by publishing good and useful content on it . Because when we publish good content, the environment of this platform will be much better and this forum will develop further.
  4. Dear mate , I have learned a lot from this platform. This forum is the best way for me to get knowledge related to crypto world. Before joining the platform I did not have any information related to cryptocurrency but after joining it I got to learn a lot like what is cryptocurrency ? where it can be stored ? What are the methods for trading and investment of the crypto currencies ? Moreover , This platform also improves my communication skills , Spelling mistakes ad grammatical errors.
  5. Dear , There are still some members in this forum who can speak and write English well. I don't think these members need any kind of English grammar checker.But if you feel that you have grammatical errors, then you must visit this link , this link will help you a lot . But i suggest you instead of using english grammar checker , focus on your English and make it better.
  6. Dear , Congratulations on your success. I know that when we got success, we cannot express our happiness or joy in words. I hope your wonderful achievement motivate you in the future too . keep posting useful publications with patience and hard work . Keep in mind that , People who work hard with patience will be successful .
  7. Yes dear mate , you are absolutely right . If newbies and beginners read your content carefully than they can easily and successfully survive on this wonderful platform. Dear , one main thing that we have to keep in mind is that " we have to strickly follow the rules or regulationsof this platform" . Try to post the content manually , never copy paste it from some other source. Prefer to post the comment on hot topics . Atleast create your own 1_2 topics per day to earn more profit.
  8. Dear , i think those topics which contain latest , new , modern and informative content becomes popular . To make your topic hot , try to post the content as simple as possible because when members feel difficulty in understanding your content , they give you negative reputation or also not reply on your publication.
  9. Dear , the points that your ilustrated in your content is very informative . This post proves very helpful to all the newbies or the beginners . I think if newcomers read your publication carefully and with full attention than they can easily start their journey on that wonderful platform. Thank you so much for such a great cooperation .
  10. Yes dear mate , you are absolutely right. This platform provide the opportunity of earning and learning to everyone . Before joining this platform , i know nothing about the crypto world. But after joining this platform , i found out a lot about the crypto world like what are digital currencies ? where we can store them ? what are the methods for trading and mining of the crypto currencies? by reading the thoughts of other users .
  11. There are a lot of wallets which are available on internet . But some of them have security issue. I preferred to use coinbase for short term storage of my digital coins and for daily transactions. I know it will come to your mind that online wallet are less secure than how it is? Coinbase store 97% of your assets in offline cold storage , where they are difficult to hack .
  12. Dear mate , first of all welcome here . I hope you will enjoy the beautiful environment of this platform . Dear working on this platform is quite easy and simple . You only have to follow the rules or regulation strickly to survive successfully on this platform. After joining this platform you have to complete the trial session of posting 100 useful publications. After that you only have to post 20 missions on daily basis , payment for these publication will appear in your yobit account after seven days of posting.
  13. Dear mate , i like the two factor authentication property of Yobit the most . This property make our funds highly secure from scammers or hackers. Yobit is best exchange in all the ways . It provide the ability to trade a wide range of currencies. I use this platform from several months , during this time period i do not face any problem related to security or privacy.
  14. Yes dear mate you are absolutely right according to the new payment policy forum stop giving the tokens for reaction. But i still read people's content and react to it , because I think people who publish good content deserve the appreciation , we must appreciate them by giving heart and a reply. There are also some members who have joined this forum for money, so they also publish useless content. We should read their content carefully and give them reputation according to their content.
  15. Yes, dear. You are absolutely right . Cryptotalk help us a lot in our daily life . It improves our communication skills as well as also our grammatical mistakes. By spending time on this platform we learnt a lot of things . It also improves our spelling mistakes.In addition to making money, this form is also a great way to get knowledge of each and everything related to crypto world.
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