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  1. very nice bro however how much is the supply and coin price, i dont wanna waste time with 100 billion supply, and 0.0005$ per coin.....
  2. Hey man no the bonus is not withdrawable, (wouldnt that be too easy? handing money off a plate to you) however u can trade and withdraw profits...
  3. Artificial Intelligence, and im reffering to real robots , not the shit we have today, robots that can think and do whatever they want, like detroit become human game. If u invest in one of those companies in the beggining u become next warren buffet.
  4. I dont think anyone can say trading BTC is fun, especially after the manipulation going on in the last 3 months, or even yesterday 400$ pump in 2 minutes , only to be sold off in 1hr, this is madness !
  5. How long until the environmentalists start fudding BTC cuz it uses too much power? the future is not proof of work, i honestly believe some other coin will take over #1 spot in max 10 years.
  6. Delta Exchange is giving out 10$ trading bonus in BTC for new sign ups, you can withdraw the profits, no deposit required, no KYC required. They have a lot of altcoins that u can margin trade also. To get bonus follow their twitter and retweet pinned tweet, fill up a google form. Telegram Group : good luck !
  7. BTSE , new exchange simmilar to bybit is offering 10$ in BTC for margin trading, profits can be withdrawn, there is no KYC All u have to do is create an account and retweet on twitter their pinned tweet like in the screenshot There are some requirements : Accounts with min 100 followers or account must be more than 6 months in existence and a review will be done if the account is an active account and/or the followers are shell accounts. good luck !
  8. gominer is classic pyramid scheme, u gotta invest more and more to withdraw, u gotta pay electricity every week for ur rig, u cant make any profit unless u make big investment, and who knows when these sites exit scam? right now the site is for 4 days in maintenance and no news about it.
  9. u have to deposit over 200$ to get 50$ and even that is only bonus, u cant withdraw it , another waste of time
  10. 3-4 times a month and u have to be at ur computer when the move happens, its usually only for 2-3 hours then again lots of boring consolidation, its better if u dont force a trade if BTC aint moving, u wallet staying constant is better than losing money. Anyway if u catch one of those big moves u can 2x ur account easy
  11. wow u guys are hardcore , using 5 min and lower to trade, i only watch daily and 4hr chart for some swing position, i got burned too many times with these low timeframe fakeouts, many times i've been flip flopping between positions and losing too much money when looking at lower time frame...
  12. Where did all those people come from ? that commented so fast on the airdrop page with their code, u never see them in regular forum? did they just farm accounts for this? also there was the timer with 24 hours and the airdrop was faster than that, am i supposed to watch the forum like a hawk if there is no clear release hour
  13. Guys think what happens when the majority of people think exactly the same in any trading market, the majority is never right, the whales will sell before that,sure i think there will be an increase but not to 20k... Remember last year when everybody expected an ETF rejectiion and sold BTC? whales did the opposite and pumped price, its all a game for them.
  14. This is old image, but i agree that chinese miners controll BTC price, and think logical : who has the most BTC in the world? its THEM, they most likely create a bottom where they are breakeven with mining price, nobody has enough BTC to sell to break that.
  15. Man , we have seen BTC dump 600$ in span of 15 minutes, if the drop would be real "they" wouldnt allow u to short, because it goes down too fast. This is just a bear trap before pump candle
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