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  1. For each like you get on your Post be it a Wiki Page, A Gallery post that is Video or Image, a Blog or any content you get get rewarded in OKU for each likes. You also earn OKU rewards for checking in daily into your account. Estimated OKU reward count: 1 to 4 OKU coins for checking in daily. 0.01 OKU coins for each like you give. 0.1 OKU coins for each comment you make. 1 OKU coin for each like you get on your post. 2 OKU coins for each comment your get on your post. 0.5 OKU coins for each minute spent playing html5 web based games on Swirge. 1-10 OKU coins drops to the top 10 most active users on the platform every 1 hour.
  2. Maybe if u guys stop margin trading, then BTC can finally move into a clear direction,until then whale games to liquidate the over-leveraged user.BTC same price as 6 months ago, is this how a bullmarket should be?
  3. I agree and people would go to jail if this happened in legacy markets, BTC is a safe haven for crooks and criminals manipulating price day and night, dumping on friday, pumping on monday back up like nothing happened, this market is insane in 2019... not up or down, just pump and dumps all day.Whoever says its organic market needs a reality check
  4. I like crypto because it lets the average user invest his money, how much he chooses in something he believes in, not like in USA where u have to have 1 million $ in assets before u can gamble ur money , and be called a credited investors, funny how they say its to protect ur money, but they dont ban casinos and poker , ( its only to keep the poor, poor and the rich richer)
  5. Guys i think they increased the minimum posts to 100, to fight against spammers so u will get paid starting from 101 post.
  6. FRNKNSTYN - Notion - its dubstep and 8 years old i still remember the name of it also this one B-Complex - Beautiful Lies VIP - drum and bass rate my taste lol
  7. They removed the requirement for github, just have a phone number thats not banned, i just signed up for it, honestly this november will be the only month good enough for some cash, at this rate now we only get 500 XLM, and next month probably 300-200 XLM
  8. the coin price is 0.00002770$ and 5000 coins means 0.13$ , dont waste ur time with this...
  9. Is this the same as the free coins that u can already click to get every 24 hours at the top of the page?
  10. ETH has too many scaling problems, dev team has no idea what to do, watch the upcoming fork , it will probably crash the price since we will have 2 ETH coins, and already so many longs are underwater on bitfinex
  11. Join bybit promotion of 10$ free bonus trading, and u could learn to trade, u can withdraw profits , altho u need a minimal deposit in that account first, deposit xrp or something its cheaper
  12. Well imagine the money you would need to start pumping on different exchanges.. its most likely a group of whale friends doing all this to liquidate the other whales, this price action and spoofing that goes on with BTC would be illegal in forex, staying in 0.1% range for days and then in 15 minutes we get a 5% candle, the market would just halt.
  13. There cant be another bear market , not when halving is so close in may 2020, maybe after that we will see a sell off , but not before that, i think we will have some slow uptrend months to 12k+
  14. Justin Sun bought poloniex, expect more coins that launched on TRX blockchain, to be listed there, like WINK, BTT , Sun Network, etc , probably will have margin trading too
  15. Explain me this please, i go to digital option, i set but 5 options 1hr = costs says 2.7$ and yet i cant set a higher number even tho i have 10$ balance, also cant set another call for 15min or 5min - i get error : and i have free balance , i just have the 1hr option open, wtf is this site so complicated
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