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  1. The price of any currency depends on market's supply and demand . Similarly bitcoin price is also depends on market. So in my opinion its price is goes up and it will cross 100000 dollars till 2022. Its price is stable from ten days and it will be running on 32 thousands dollars.
  2. This happened due to some updates. This issue is faced by all members. The button of send to my BTC balance is not working yet. The admin and moderator is stop this button. The reason behind this issue is that the cleaning section of this platform is running and the purpose of this section is to remove the useless material and spammers and from platform. Hope this button is working very soon.
  3. I also think that the future of BTC is bright and it achieve a wonderful price in the market. This seems that the price of bitcoin increases very much in just next few months. I hope it's price crossed the fifty thousand dollars in just few months. And that is the time the holders will earn a good profit and if they waited more then they may be earn more profit . In my point of view the members that store their money , then they will gets high profit.
  4. Yes dear it not a big time . We can adjust that time and can spend this time on this platform for the seek of knowledge and money. If we have a objective then we must spend 2 hours on this platform. We should fix a time for that platform. This fixed time must be only for that platform. We can earn money only by 2 hours working. Also we can be able to get knowledge in this time.
  5. Yes this platform is a source of knowledge . When a member join this platform then he has very little knowledge about cryptocurrency bit as a the passage of time he gets knowledge by senior members post . In this way, we get knowledge with the posts from senior members and when we become seniors, we should also share the best knowledge for the leadership of our juniors and we should also share new updates .
  6. Dear friends, as far as I think this is the reason for the topic being deleted. If you create a topic against the rules of the platform, it must be deleted . If a topic is made with similar material which is already posted on the platform, then that topic will also be deleted. So made a topic with higher research and made it in easy wording so everyone can learn from it and award you a good reputation point .
  7. Absolutely we should not waste our time by trading through low level currency. I should invest or trade on a stable currency where we got a very good profit, as the price of bitcoin is going very well these days, if we do a investment or trading on it, then we can earn a very good profit and get rich in days. And we should ignore the sites that pay with very little money .It would be a wasting of time .
  8. Yes friend , we can make money using knowledge . If we want to get our main objective knowledge from this platform, then surely we will be able to get such new experiences and skills . And then using them we will be able to earn a lot of money through internet. And this knowledge will also help us in real life .
  9. Yes, if we have posted on one of the topic , then we can reply to that again. But both of our replies must be different .And we will get payment of only one post on one topic Whether we post or three . And we should do two or three posts when a number is asked about that post. If we are doing the same reply two times on a post, then it will become our useless material .So we should reply only one time on a topic, if someone wants to ask us something interested, then we can reply that topic again.
  10. You will get success only because of your work, the more time you give to this platform, the more you will gain knowledge and your rank will increase as you will make posts. The two important opportunities that you will get through this platform will be that you will be able to gain a lot of knowledge and with that you will keep getting money. Therefore you should also give time to this platform so that you can get new skills and knowledge and you can earn very good money through internet.
  11. Yes dear friend, of course we can earn a lot of money through online learning and it depends on us from whom we want to earn . If we think of earning money by posting through the platform itself, then we will be able to earn only 4 to $ 6 a day. But if we think about investment , trading, exchange or marketing then we can earn a lot of money from them . But we will need a lot of experience for that . There are many people who have become millionaires by doing online earnings .
  12. Dear friend, this issue is being faced by all the members of this platform . And as far as I think the cleaning section of that platform is going on, This is the reason we can't send our btc balance into yobit. And it could also be that the administrator or moderators is making some updates to the platform. And as soon as their work is finished, they will turn on the button of " send to me BTC balance " . Hope this issue gets resolved soon.
  13. Yes dear you are right . Its a good idea. I agree with you. If we put our talk talk to gambling then it depends on our luck . It may be that our talk token are doubled And it may also happen that we wash our hands from all talk tokens . But if we invest talk token in the invest box, then we will continue to earn daily money from it and it will prove more beneficial than gambling. And if apart from this we save talk token and when the rate of its increases, and then sell them, then we can earn a lot of profit.
  14. Congrates dear friend . Hope you will get withdrawal very soon . And if you want, then you are with us, definitely share what you did with the money of your first payment. And because now your payment has started coming, then you should keep compiling daily work on this platform so that you continue to earn daily money and fulfill your life needs with these money . And work according to the rules of this platform, so you can earn and live your life easily .
  15. Only the crypto world is one section in which he can't create his own topic but he can do comments in that section . But in all other section he can made both topic and comments . But in my point of view he should only do comments during first hundred posts so that he can't made any type of mistake .
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