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  1. Future is depends on us what we doing in the present in the forum. We can't really say what will be someday but i can say after spending time here i will improve and mature mind about the cryptocurrency because working here in also the process on becoming what we are in the future. Just to the right thing anf you can be successful in time.
  2. Your right being here is a good chance for everyone to get learned about ways in cryptocurrency. This forum give us enough information to be able understand the operating in crypto world to trained ourselves in the future when we get interested to become officially users of cryptocurrency. So while working here adopt what we learn in deep about crypto to achieved what we want here.
  3. Yes there's so many good way in cryptotalk especially mining a coins but i think btc is not giving for free you earn that because you work hard here in this forum. I hope you hold it and exchange for the right time of value to get more change your lives. Many opportunities in cryptocurrency that really help to our life if we used this in s right way and decision.
  4. Yes, their quantum computer is so much advance and this is good in the market if china will develop more advanced. If this cryto will allowed to use this i think the transaction would be less delay and mining of coins will fastest too. This advanced technology give big help on development of cryptocurrency in the future.
  5. As we can see the bitcoin price is still lower of course this is our opportunity to buy and hold until it rise to also the value will increased too. But i think is take time to increased again because if you looking many miners sell coins than purchasing that's why btc is not good for exchanges. Your right analyze the movement in market are important to our decisions was right.
  6. The information was true we can use that all to make more useful our every posts not only for base on our knowledge it must be reliable and relevant to the crytotalk. We can easily received higher rates if our posts deserve that, always considering that not all our posts is useful we have a weak spots but we should always follow the requirement of this forum. Newbies reading is the keys to answer all the worried question about your'e accounts.
  7. Those are most probable trap we can experience as a beginner in trading. So traders should always be aware mostly if you not familiarize in flowing a transaction in trading, the reason why many traders resulted of failure after because they immediately want to earn they didn't think the consequence can happen in every decision they made. And the reason why many traders have a skill of anytical because they all estimate every situation in the market and little information even the movement, status are they considered before making a decision.
  8. Yes i experience that too but own myself my friend recommended this forum on me but i will not believe at first. Because i already experience to scams so its hard for me to trust again especially in this kind of work. But when i figure out there's no money involved for registered i confused but i wait for him to earn some money from here to fully believe and my friend didn't dissapointment me so joined, i think you should do it too proved them that crytotalk is legit site that there's trust will not waste.
  9. We can't deny cryptocurrency are popular in many countries and most uses of some places but replacing i don't think so, because the numbet 1 against is the government, they are controlled in their own currency but in crypto is not they will not allowed to produce too much money about outside the nations. And i think cryptocurrency is not yet ready for huge users of crypto. National currency is much valuable for any country because their status in economy are base in their value of money.
  10. Its good to use that to easily monitor your times left before submitting, 3 minutes is enough to construct your post with useful content. As for me i don't need to use that because i can see the time above my phone if i take 3 minutes already. And i always take more than3mins to finished my works because i need to think first what should i write the most to avoid deleting posts. But we are different ways in working here as much we do properly according to rules.
  11. Definitely yes, because crytocurrency sudden popular this year in crisis and bitcoin is most demand in the market it can be possible btc will rise again or more. Actually this year is have a lot opportunity to mining a bitcoin because of the worthy value showing in the market.but we need to be considered the future to estimate the possible value of coins in coming of next year if coins is good to hold
  12. That's good to have trusted friends in this forum to talk about crytocurrency privately and the advantages is you can ask the common question through messages to avoid same ideas and questions topics. You can create group lesson to more focused on studying about cryptocurrency its better if you joining to the seniors or expert members to know what you asking about. But be wise on joining people for grouping to avoid also misinformation and scams don't give sensitive details
  13. I will not blame my self or even cryto because failing and lost of assets is a part of our life and career you will not always in a luck in every situation there's a time you need feel down to realized and learn from it to think what the best solution you should take to reach your goals. But some of people will do because they will not accept their fault, but this is reality we should face it but this is really teach us to be more than skillful in world of cryptocurrency because they will not do same way.
  14. That's true the gap between post and topics is a huge different but we can't equal it whatever we do, because the rules of this forum the daily requirement a day is 20 a post each member and if we create a topic one or 2 is enough a day and sometimes other member didn't onlkne in cryptotalk . Its clearly see that commenting is more doing on this forum and also because of growing members a day. But we encourage to all members to make a topics per day to have a valuable and new information a day as well opinions are not repeated.
  15. If you mistakely tagged a certain person on your posts that opposite on their commenting, you should immediately edit your posts then remove your quoted or name on your postss. To will not cause of unappropriate situation in this forum and to avoid destroy your accounts. This accidentally experience but you must be careful next time always verify your each writing before you post. It must be casual but some formative.
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