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  1. Thanks for sharing this, I know this for a fact that as trader you must work with must learn to work fundamental and technical analysis in other to have an edge over the market.
  2. My advice is that you shouldn't invest in anything without proper research on it, it may later lead to tears.
  3. I totally agree with you my friend, you don't rush success follow principles and guidelines laid out for it and you will surely get it.
  4. I happen at times, I will advice you logout yourself, refresh you browser page, open a new tab on the browser and login( this time try save your login details). But if the continues to automatically logout try sending the support center your complain.
  5. Your payment and earnings is dependent on you work here, so you should always post things that are valuable and obey the rules and regulations.
  6. Thanks for sharing this my dear friend, I must confess this post has really help and encourage not to give up. Giving up just shows that you are weak, if you have a goal in life its best you face and conquer the challenges life will want to throw at you and also in facing them you become stronger and ready to accomplish other things.
  7. I think old or more experienced members can encourage the new ones by sharing so of there experience here on cryptotalk and yobit platform, so that the new member can learn one or two things from the things shared and help boost there journey.
  8. Thanks friend for sharing this informative post, I also want to agree that making proper research on crypto is really helpful especially if you are trader it will give you an edge over the market.
  9. Hello friend. I believe you can actually get rich with crypto money or currency, you need to invest the proper amount of time, energy and resources into it before you start getting return, we all know crypto is the future.
  10. I also think its because of the number of members in the Russian section and the quality of topics posted there that makes it always interactive.
  11. Hello friend, you can still retrieve you account even when you forget you password, just click on forgotten password a link will be sent to your email for further verification, then you can change the password to one you can easily remember.
  12. You are right my dear friend, it's best you keep on working here on cryptotalk as you try and resolve the issue it your yobit account.
  13. Hi friend. Finding topic that will interest everyone will be kind of difficult as you don't exactly know what everyone here in this forum wants. But the site was created for people to learn about crypto and trading. So try find useful topics relating to the crypto world and trading. Cheers.
  14. In other to succeed there a lot risk to reward factors to consider and also to over come, enough hardwork, dedication, patience e.t.c will help you achieve your goal.
  15. The out break of covid 19 pandemic although affected the financial economy of the entire world but still it couldn't stop the flow of digital currency. Crpto is scaling and taking over.
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