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  1. @Jibon88 Rating means ( like )when we download an app and we see an option there of ratings which is in stars..So just like that there is a heart option which have the number from (-5 to +5 ). So when read someones posts and find it useful or helpful so we can rate it positive and if it is useles or low quality so we can rate it negative..
  2. Yes we have to help our friends and family members also and also let them to share what they know and also earn which this forum give oppertunity of good amount..And also increase the population of this forum and grow it more..
  3. @zainulabiden In this forum you can easily get a lot of useful information about cryptocurrency and it trading and market etc..And you can also earn good amkunt of money from here easily just by making useful posts or replies..And we earn BTC when we get positive ratings on our posts..
  4. @Shaun Michal Yes this is a normal issue and they stopped it after sometime and according to me they stopped it while they start cleaning this forum means when they start removing spamer or cheater from this forum..So don't worry about it and keep posting it will be fixed soon and will start working..So keep posting and wait for it..
  5. Yes this great forum gives us oppertunity to earn good amount of money with a lot knowledge..As we know there are many forum from where we can easily get knowledge but no money and from where we earn it is very hard and also in short amount..But this forum gives us that oppertunity so we have to be thankful to this forum and work here as a loyal member and live here according to rules.
  6. If you will search about cryptocurrency on internet so you will get a lot of information from many places ..So get the good and unique informations and share here in your own words..And if your content will be helpful so you will defi itely get good reputation also..
  7. Yes yobit is very good and safe and secure exchange and there are many coin here and we can easily trade in it and we can also invest in it very easily and get good profit from it..
  8. Yes absolutely right money is not important than knowledge..As we talk about this forum so knowledge comes first than money because for here first having knowledge is necessary because without knowledge how will you work and how will you earn..And if we focus on more learning so we will earn greater than greater..
  9. @Crypto_lover First of all congrats..And after that you have to keep posting and you have to make 20 posts daily it is your choise if you make more or less there is no any restriction about that but maximum limit of paid posts per day is 20..But must try to make useful posts because useles get deleted and just waste our time..And rate those posts which deserves to motivate them..
  10. After completing 100 posts i learned from my seniors and did the same thing posting useful because here making useful posts is very important because useles posts get deleted and just waste our time..And reputation have also very good affect on our account and we also earn in BTC for getting postive reputation.
  11. @Halillyn Mate according to me the investbox of yobit is safe and secure and good also because it double our earning which we invested in it with just in one month.Because i personally invested in it and I didn't notice any scam in it..So don't worry and invest..
  12. There are many ideas shared by members oftis forum and also from our seniors..And we can easily use it while making posts or topic..How to make our posts useful somethibg like that so we can easily use these ideas daily in this forum..
  13. @Bakri Congrats dear for completing your first task..And my advice to you if you didn't read any single rules of this forum so just go to about forum section and must read it carefully it will just take your 2 min but if will always help you..And try keep posting useful and keep sharing good quality posts to us..Best of Luck.
  14. Yes you are right if we want to keep safe our post from deletion and get positive rates instead of negative so we have to must any quality to our posts must make it little bit useful.Because useles posts get deleted and we also get paid only for good quality and useful posts..
  15. @mostafazin28 Congrates dear for completing you first task ..And after that you have to keep posting and keep growing you will earn in talks for making useful posts and in BTC when you will get psotive reacts on your posts..So try to work hard and as a loyal member then you will earn good amount..Best of Luck..
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