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  1. It is indeed a good robot and it can be used to know currency rates without entering the platforms or asking anybody. You only have to ask about this robot's question about the price of a currency, and it will answer you and give you the current price in all platforms Thank you, my friend, for this good information
  2. It is very difficult for you to explain your work in the field of cryptocurrencies to elderly people and they do not have real knowledge of the Internet and cryptocurrencies and how to deal with them, but I will try to simplify the matter for them and help them understand something about cryptocurrencies and I need time in that, but I will succeed in the end
  3. It is a good and effective system, in fact, and we all noted that it can become a good work system that helps everyone to save and keep their information without causing any problem or defect in the payment system as the work system will become good and effective in printing and all transactions that you perform will be preserved
  4. There are a lot of articles that must be rehabilitated and arranged because I notice that there are frequent and inconsistent articles in terms of presenting a good idea that helps in developing the work of the forum and improving the ideas put forward by all members
  5. This is correct, my friend, as some members stopped making their evaluation when the payment for admiration and evaluation stopped, but this is wrong and must be abandoned because if you put an evaluation of the post, you help the members to know if this topic is good or not, so we must all follow up on the implementation of this work and not stop it
  6. It is not necessary to use a vpn except in the countries that are banned by crybto talk and there are some people using it to change the ip and improve the status of the existing network in some countries so I do not think it is necessary and obligatory to work with it
  7. I think that this is a good way to earn more profits and you only have to follow the earning methods well as airdrop can earn you more profits and money, but try to follow the basic methods and stick to them
  8. I do not know what is the main reason that prevents citizens in the Philippines from using cryptocurrencies and mastering the currency in them, but I think that this is due to the strict laws in the country and the basics of dealing there. It prevents them from dealing with cryptocurrencies
  9. I think it is a problem of no more time, and we will notice the entry of the euro to all platforms and its use by European users, but until then many of them can use alternative currencies and replace them in their local market, and other platforms such as Binanes can help you solve your problems
  10. I think that you only have this problem, my friend, so you should monitor your work closely to make sure that your article has not been deleted until the black mark appears next to the topic and there you know if you have commented on this topic or not
  11. Indeed, my friend, presenting useless information may expose you to taking a point of warning and this is not appropriate for you and you may be prevented from participating in the future and banned completely from this forum so you must be careful and provide information of great use through which you can increase your experience and knowledge about this forum for the benefit of all members In this forum
  12. We are all very lucky because we started working in the field of cryptocurrencies and making a good profit by working and increasing knowledge about these currencies at the same time because working in this forum will form for you real knowledge that will help you to learn about cryptocurrencies and how to work with them so we have to use the time and work with all our energy Extreme to achieve great success
  13. Yes, my friend, we all look to the price of Bitcoin to increase, achieve great success and prosperous growth, and I believe that its price will approach 60 thousand dollars, and the market will rise well, as everyone will benefit and make a great profit.
  14. This is a very good and useful publication that deserves a very good reputation for it, because you have explained what beginners should do and how to work and benefit from the forum in terms of increasing knowledge and how to deal with the forum, so it is good to read this post well and try to benefit from it
  15. Yes, this is true, my friend. This reference helps you in quoting a line or sentence that you want to clarify or you have any questions about it, so there is no need to quote the entire comment because it will constitute a work that is not great for you my friend
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