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  1. I think that the most important thing in this forum is learning because without education then you cannot be able to achieve you goal and if you have money without knowledge then you will misuse the money.
  2. You cannot complete your 100 post in a day but instead you make 50 post per day and you will be done in two days and also if you want to learn then you are to split it into 5 days and answer 20 per day so as to learn from new topics.
  3. Brand new means that you are a new member with zero post and Jr member means when you complete your 100 post while senior member is when your post is up to 1000. But this is not what you are to focus on but instead you focus on learning from the forum and also earning.
  4. Of course you can contact anyone you want with the aid of message option, but you are to know the person that you are going to chat because some people are scammers and they will scam you.
  5. There are many crypto currency in the world but not all of them are used for trading, the ones that are used for trading are the old ones that have good value in market and also the the important ones are used for trading.
  6. This forum is a place whereby beginners and also some members who do not know anything about trading will know. It is a forum where you can learn about crypto currency and at the same time you earn.
  7. Am bi

    How I work ?

    As for you to invest, then you are to use a strong coins that is popular in the crypto market and also have a good value like BTC, eth, LTC, and XRP. These are coins that are good and also profitable.
  8. I have not gotten a warning point and I did not want to get. For you to avoid being given warning points, then you will have to make your post in a good way and also follow all the rules and regulations by the forum.
  9. For you to create topic, you are to firstly search for the active topics and then you create a topic based on what you did not know about crypto currency and you can get many replies if the content is a good one.
  10. For you to avoid being given warning points, you are to follow all the rules and regulations abided by the forum and then you make your post in a good way and also always start a content with capital letters.
  11. For you to get more reputation then you will have to topic with a very good content that will help the beginners and newbies to amend there mistakes, and also you are to complete your daily 20 post so as for you to earn and also make it in a rightful way.
  12. Hello mate, when you made a mistake in your post, you are to use the edit icon to correct your mistake or when you want to delete your post you erase it all and then you save it then it will not be counted.
  13. For you to create a yobit account, you will have to visit the site and register. You are to choose a username, the email address you used to sign up in cryptotalk and also you are to suggest a very strong password for the safety of your account.
  14. This forum is a place for you to learn and also to earn. This site earns from our trading, they also earn when we use this platform and also I can say that this is a very good site and also you can ask questions based on what you don't know about crypto currency.
  15. As you can see that the coin that you can try and withdraw with, that has a low withdrawal fee is either you try using Litecoin or ripple. This coins have low withdrawal fee and they are profitable and also good to invest with.
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