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  1. Good information, my friend, indeed, the blockchain is more secure than banking transactions because it is decentralized and depends on the private key that should be yours and be far from the Internet so that it is in a paper place that you write. Thank you so much .
  2. Hello my friend, I agree with you patience, hard work, patience, learning and knowledge are all tools to reach your goals and achieve profit and wealth, without which it is not possible to progress and work in the money market and trade in cryptocurrencies, and it is necessary to be patient and wait until the acquisition of experience cannot be rich Suddenly you have to learn and train.
  3. Hello my friend, I think that cryptocurrencies have helped in one way and another to all groups of societies and countries through their flexible nature and their use to overcome the difficulties related to time, speed and ease. The truth is that the cryptocurrency provided a great service at all levels.
  4. Hello my friends, I put all the profits in the investment with a daily profit of 1%. The goal is to double the profits because the value of the payments I received is not enough to pay the phone and Internet bill. I live in a backward country and its prices are very high compared to other countries.
  5. rami123

    Gold & Crypto

    Hello my friend, I do not think that gold, Aden is rare and the cost of extracting it is very high and its use is limited. Countries use to support their paper currencies and protect their economic system. Gold is a rigid block, a hard metal that is used easily unlike Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies completely. Bitcoin cannot be relied upon as a support for a country's economy is very easy in commercial transactions And fast in exchange, transportation, and investment, they cannot be equated, because they differ in price movements, technical analysis and economic data.
  6. Hello my friend, one of the most beautiful topics that I have read is really a great idea. We are talking about creating ourselves with science, knowledge and serious training for trading, trading and investing in the field of cryptography and real and lasting earnings using our real and acquired experiences for trading and investment. Thank you very much, my friend, for this topic.
  7. Hello my friend, I do not think that cryptocurrencies are a fraud, as they have taken their normal position in use and official dealings at the international level, large companies, banks, and commercial transactions between large countries, and this indicates the extent of their confidence in them and their rapid spread internationally is also evidence of confidence.
  8. I did not understand your question well. Do you mean the presence of students and their participation here in the forum? Yes, it serves them and contributes with them to the university’s expenses and after their personal necessities. It is considered a partial job, and if you are referring to school students and pay their fees and study requirements as well, yes it helps them with that. Cryptocurrencies are not limited to anything. It is included in most aspects of our life and its daily requirements.
  9. Hello my friend, I do not think that cryptocurrencies have gone out of the global economic system or control is a part of it and cannot be an alternative to paper currencies or destabilize global financial stability I believe that cryptocurrencies came after the need for them in our current time, which is characterized by speed, and technology is heavily involved in our daily life in all its detail and commercial exchanges.
  10. Hello my friend, I think that the concept of loss is different from one person to another. I have not lost real money. I always lost early knowledge in many things, and the loss of knowledge made me very late in achieving my goals in investment and trading. I think that losing experience, knowledge and science is more dangerous than losing real money.
  11. Hello my friend, a good topic. I think that everyone was afraid of cryptocurrencies for many reasons. They do not have a bank to support them and do not hold the hand. They are just volatile numbers on the Internet pages. I felt that they would evaporate at any moment and end after the fraud and the deception of all who participated in it.
  12. Hello my friend, a good topic. It is clear that many companies now deliberately pay users to promote their goods and benefit from their posts in various and multiple ways. I will experiment and use the Brave browser, hoping that it will pay.
  13. Hello, my friend, a good topic. I sent messages to some of my friends and explained to them how to simply record. The problem is that most cannot continue writing. They felt difficult from the content of the posts and posts because they did not know anything about encryption, whether news about Bitcoin and some simple information circulating in the news.
  14. Hello my friend, I agree with you. I felt great changes in writing skills and the growth of ideas quickly and actively. After I spent a short period here talking about coding, it really is a beautiful reflection on the self-cognitive and written development and the credit and thanks to the wonderful forum and those in charge of it without exception. Thank you very much. .
  15. Hello my friend, as I mentioned, there is no risk-free and loss-free trading, to avoid loss and reduce risks, the best solution is to follow strict capital management in the first place and never tolerate the currency market at all. Be careful and do not allow emotions to interfere in your trading and investment decisions. Only knowledge, experience and knowledge are Master of the situation.
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